10 Helpful Tips For Colostrum Powder

10 Helpful Tips For Colostrum Powder

Hey, if it’s good enough for a baby, it’s probably good enough for you. I’m Thomas DeLauer on behalf of Antler Farms, and today I want to give you the 411 on Colostrum. So, Colostrum is nutrient-rich, immunization support milk produced by the mammal right after a baby is born, but in reality, it’s not even really milk; it’s more of kind of a clear yellow liquid that again is produced right after a baby is born. So, Colostrum’s whole purpose is to deliver a quick shot of immune support to an infant. 

Over the last couple of decades, we found that Colostrum is not so much nutritional as it is truly just a powerhouse of immune support and specific nutrients that are needed to allow tissues to grow, especially in an infant’s digestive tract. 

Our bovine colostrum powder is another of the best dietary supplements found online.

Our bovine colostrum powder is another of the best dietary supplements found online.

So, Colostrum’s primary goal is to reinforce an infant’s immune system, specifically in the upper respiratory and digestive tract. So, when you look at a human infant baby when they’re born a lot of times, their respiratory system isn’t even fully complete, that’s why everyone has to be very, very careful with an infant right when they’re born. 

They need as much immune support as possible, and that’s why nature has given us Colostrum. It gives us the shot of the immunoglobulin A that we need as an infant to ensure that our upper respiratory tract and developing the baby’s digestive tract from the esophagus to the colon are nice and protected from all the world’s craziness. 

Additionally, these tissue and growth factors are included in Colostrum that helps an infant grow to be big and strong. But it’s not doing this by giving it specific nutrients and calories. It’s doing this by having specific insulin-like growth factors and other tissue regenerating compounds that allow a baby to utilize nutrients better, but more importantly, allow a baby to develop its digestive system and develop the smooth muscle tissue that is required to ultimately digest the milk that it’s going to consume in the days to come.

So when we look at Colostrum, it’s rich in a few things, but specifically what is called IgA. IgA stands for Immunoglobulin A, and it’s a specific part of the immune system that, as I mentioned before, is responsible for respiratory infections.

But it’s not just upper respiratory infections, and it’s also responsible for all kinds of acute infections, the things that we want to, of course, be aware of as an infant and be aware of as adults.

If you’ve ever gotten a cold or have ever gotten strep throat or anything like that. Your IgA response is what likely comes in to save the day. Now additionally, Colostrum also has something known as Lactoferrin in it.

Now I’m partial to Lactoferrin. I love the stuff because Lactoferrin has some potent properties when it comes down to detoxing the body and allowing the body to become a powerhouse when it comes down to immune system strength also mineral utilization. I’ll explain more about Lactoferrin in just a moment.

Additionally, we have an increase in what are called Leukocytes and Macrophages. This is our immune system as a whole. In addition to the Immunoglobulin A, we also have an overall increase in the Macrophages, the body’s ability to fight infection as a whole, not just in one Immunoglobulin category.

When it comes down to today’s colostrum utilization for an adult population, most of it is derived from bovine Colostrum, which means that the Colostrum is collected from a cow shortly after calving.

And again, right now, Colostrum is mainly used as a supplement to improve our immune response, but you might be thinking, “Well, I don’t get sick very often, I don’t need immune support.”

Well, the reality is if you’re working out or you’re just trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you do need the immune support because it’s going to help you recover quite a bit better.

So let’s dive in and talk about the Lactoferrin side of things for a second. So Lactoferrin, just like the name implies, responds with iron in the body. It helps the body utilize iron. So, even if you’re someone that is borderline anemic or anemic, the chances of you truly having a deficiency in iron is relatively low. It’s more likely that your body isn’t utilizing the iron better.

And when we have a situation where Lactoferrin is in place, our body can metabolize and utilize that iron better. You see, Lactoferrin binds or keyless to excess iron in the body. So, I want you to visualize something for a second.

If you were to leave some iron out in the elements, what would happen? It would start to rust, right? It would oxidize. Well, literally, iron is the same mineral, and it does that inside our bodies if we have too much as soon as it’s exposed to oxygen, so it causes free radical damage.

So when we have Lactoferrin, it mixes it binds to the iron, allows our body to use the iron, so it’s not just aimlessly floating around through the bloodstream causing free radical damage. This alone supports the immune system because now the body isn’t having to utilize its resources to fight free radicals all the time. It’s able to do what it needs to do to make you a healthy person.

Now the other cool thing that Colostrum is starting to show some promise in is activating something known as Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor. What that stands for is the big red button that turns on your immune system when necessary.

So because it’s a macrophage-activating factor, that means it’s a white blood cell-activating kill switch. So what that means is you have this essentially this big red button that your body needs to press if you need to activate your immune system fast, and in these times of living in this toxic planet, we need our bodies to respond quickly. By stimulating this process, you make it, so your body can flip that switch quickly whenever necessary, therefore heightening your immune system without actually making you draw from your immune system.

It makes you ready to flip that switch and fight whatever illness comes your way. There was a recent study where researchers looked at Colostrum and how it affected the immune system. So they looked at 152 participants and found those who consumed the Colostrum had a 44% reduction of upper respiratory infections. Whenever they took Colostrum in this study, they were less likely to acquire the common cold, an upper respiratory infection, or the flu, strep, staph infection, or anything like that.

Let’s also mention how it heals leaky gut syndrome and a slew of digestive tract issues.

Now again, if you’re someone that exercises a lot, you know that it’s easier to get a cold, and it’s easier to get the flu because you’re compromising your immune system. So this all has to do with the IgA, but also this macrophage-activating factor.

So it’s all fine and dandy to look at it from the immune system side, but what about from the body side? What about from the physical side? What about the performance side? Well, there’s a study that was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology that took a look at participants that consumed 20 grams of Colostrum Powder every day for a few weeks, and what they found is that those that did consume the Colostrum ended up having a 17% increase in what is called insulin-like growth factor, IGF.

They also had a massive increase in their IgA production, a 33% increase. So they had two things happen, they were able to produce more muscle because they had more IGF, but at the same time, they were able to improve their immune system directly with the IgA response by 33%.

What No One is Telling You About Bovine Colostrum and Taking Colostrum, you get more muscle buildup, better immune system, all while training. But if that’s not enough for you, here’s another study. 

I will see you in the next video

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