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Brown’s Gas Hydrogen Generator: Wiseman Interview at 2018 Tesla Conference

Brown’s Gas Hydrogen Generator: Wiseman Interview at 2018 Tesla Conference

Hi, we’re here with George Wiseman. He’s an expert in Brown gas. Now I’m gonna. Have him tell you a little bit about him because he’s been in this business for a long time that’s? Lud? Yes, yes! Yes, it is a long story for sure and been quite exciting over the years.

So at first, I got into Brown’s gas with buy fuel savers. I was working with hydrogen, putting hydrogen into engines to act as a catalyst to increase the fuel economy, and that was really good.

It worked really well and I didn’t know I was making Browns gas at the time back in 1986, but I learned later that you’ll Brown had commercialized, essentially the same electrolyzers that I had developed and I started learning a Lot more about Brown’s gas-based on all the other things that were happening in the world, and I named it Browns gas.

I kept it as named Brown’s gas to honor Geel Brown is to commercialize the gas, the very first inventor of the gas. The patenting person was William Rhodes in Phoenix Arizona in the 1960s. So, by the time 80s ran around, you’ll Brown had developed and it was commercial, his own electrolyzers and was commercializing the gas.

And when I learned about what he was doing, he was actually making what I call water torches. It was like an electrolyzer large enough to make enough hydrogen-oxygen mixture to fuel a torch, a regular acetylene torch, replacing the acetylene with the Browns gas, and the torches worked great.They were absolutely amazing, but they were incredibly expensive at that time. So since I already knew how to build an electrolyzer, I built my own and it turns out that mine was twice as efficient as your Browns, because I’m an alternative energy researcher and – and I just kind of stumbled into this Brown’s gas because it kind of I wanted a Brown’s gas generator in my own shop. I couldn’t afford one, so I just built it and then we’re, discovering all these other things that it could do.

So since I built my own electrolyzers, I’ve, never used an acetylene torch in my shop. Again it’s all been that and then there was the other. I have about nine electrolyzers Brown’s gas electrolyzers in my own home and shop because, in addition to the shop ones, I have one on each of my vehicles to get better fuel mileage.

Then in my home I have health applications for brown’s gas for health and I also have micro torch In the shop and big torches and things like that, so going through the phases I started out with fuel-saving and then we went into the torch work and I sold hundreds of my design of Brown’s gas electrolyzers with the large torches and then we went into the health application that totally stumbled upon like it was.

It was actually given to me by my customers, my customers  were using my browns gas generator for sale, who had torches. They we’re using the Browns gas for health application and I have no idea why and it didn’t make any sense for me at the time, because using a combustible, torch fuel for health purposes was kind of counterintuitive.

For me, I was using it to burn metal not to increase the health of people, so the increase the fuel economy of fuel like carbon-based fuel, so yeah. When this guy got ahold of me and said that he had used the gas to bubble it in water and use that bubbled water to cure a melanoma on his forehead in three weeks, I frankly didn’t believe him.

I thought he was telling me stories and I just kind of ignored it, but then other people were using the bubbled water to increase the health and growth of plants, all different kinds of plants. We’re talking every different kind of plant that could possibly be, and one guy who then I gave an electrolyzer to experiment on his entire orchard, reported back incredible, lush growth and he even fed it to his chickens and they doubled their Egg production overnight and there was a chiropractor who then came to me and said: can I use the gas to see if it because I’m in oxygen therapies and it has oxygen in it? Brown’s gas has hydrogen-oxygen and turns out electrically expanded water which I will get into later, but the main thing is that he thought the oxygen would help his oxygen therapies. Well, it turns out it isn’t the oxygen in the Brown’s gas breathing brown’s gas. That does most of the therapeutic thing it needs to be there, but that’s, the hydrogen and the electrically expanded water, and in case he did a few quick experiments in my lab and determined that he definitely wanted one of these machines for his Practice and for several years then it was.

He was a retired chiropractor at that point, Lloyd, Jacob in Spokane Washington, and he’s since retired again, but for several years he used the Browns gas in his practice and the first one he was using.

The first machine he built himself or had a friend build and when it broke down in a year or so he didn’t, know how to fix it and his friend had moved on. So he. But he called me in desperation because he said my patients, I tell them.

My Brown’s gas machine is not working and they tell me I’m, not going to bother coming in for a treatment. Then it’s like I’m, not a business unless I have a Brown’s gas machine. So that same day I drove up to my lab. I was selling machines at that time and he bought a machine and took it with him and he was back and he was back in business, which he was several years in business with that machine, it worked really well for him and his and his business.

So that was how effective it was for this chiropractor. He was a very good chiropractor, but he couldn’t continue his business unless he had a Brown’s gas machine there’s. Another little quick story. He couldn’t adjust his own wife. She was always too tense or whatever, and but as soon as he treated her with the Browns gas, he could adjust her.

It relaxes the muscles enough that bones could slip into place and – and it was interesting so, the first time she was ever able to be adjusted by her husband was after the Browns gas. So it was very effective in the chiropractic use, and so then we, these sort of things started to make me think.

Oh, maybe there is something to this health application of the gas, and I don’t actually have to burn it to be usable and actually have the gas itself. So I started at that time. It was about 2000. It was 1996 that the melanoma thing occurred so in 2005 I started drinking the Browns gas bubbled water myself, and so you could see.

I’m, pretty hard-headed. It took me a few years to get to that point, but since it from 2005 to 2007, I drank the water and I never got sick. I felt it was doing me good, and so I started building electrolyzers that were health-related optimized for health, which I call the ER 50.

But it looked like a science experiment and I sold hundreds of those that and but my wife would never allow one in the house because it was just a cobbled-together collection of pipes and it didn’t fit with the decor yeah.

Even though I’m, an inventor my invention, stuff, was in the lab and the lab was not allowed in the house, okay, so eventually she convinced me to make an enclosure which you can see behind me here.

That’s, the Aqua Cure, but from 2007, when I started selling ER 50s to 2016, I just I I told people because customers were we’re bubbling the water and getting their health benefits, and all that kind of thing of hydrogenated Water and there’s, a big fad now, starting up because all of this people it’s, the information has been spreading and it’s.

Hydrogen hydrogenated water is a good thing it prevents dehydration. Yes, the thought of it. It was dehydrated. We’re now saying you’re, taking the hydrogen and this is what’s actually assist in remediating dehydration in a person, is that that’s right? Yes, okay! Well, water is mostly hydrogen.

So when you’re blacking liquid water, they were thinking why are people’s dehydrated? It actually goes into a prune. If you don’t have enough water in your system and most people don’t drink enough water so you get dehydrated.

But dehydration, real dehydration, in my opinion, is where you’re lacking in hydrogen, and most of the people are lacking in hydrogen, not even if they’re drinking enough water, because you don’t get your hydrogen from your Water generally, you get your hydrogen from your food, mostly, and so hydrogen is a food.

You have to consider hydrogen as a food and that’s important later, as you as we’re talking on things. But what happens is in your starting in the enzymes in your mouths. You start breaking down the food.

It gets down through all the chemical reactions into your colon and that’s, where the bacteria live that break the food apart into the hydrogen and carbon and whatever else the food is comprised of. So you got hydrocarbons that you’re eating plants and meat and what-have-you, and that’s where the hydrogen that breaks off of that goes into your directly into your bloodstream. Through your colon walls, now you can’t breathe in hydrogen. Like you, breathe in oxygen, because hydrogen doesn’t exist in the air.

If there’s, hydrogen in the water, it just goes out and immediately Rises into the air. So hydrogen is important: your 62 % hydrogen by volume it’s, your most important nutrient. If we look at the scale of what how we’re composed, we have sixty-two percent hydrogen twenty-four percent oxygen, twelve percent carbon, and two percent everything else.

So people that concentrate on supplements of calcium and magnesium and selenium and iron, and that’s. The two percent, a person should be thinking that when you’re dehydrated, especially now because you don’t have enough hydrogen.

If you’re dehydrated, you haven’t got enough hydrogen production in your body. You got to concentrate on your macronutrients first in my opinion, so why do we not have enough hydrogen? Mostly it’s because of antibiotics. This miracle of modern medicine, which is definitely awesome, kills the bacteria, the good bacteria, as well as the bad bacteria in your guts, and you have bacteria in your food.

Sorry but, antibiotics in your food and chemicals that kill back bacteria in the food are just bad food. Frankenfoods and stuff like that, all of which do not enhance the biome in your gut, biodiversity, and it turns out that the hydrogen bacteria, hydrogen-producing bacteria are particularly sensitive to antibiotics.

So virtually the entire population who has received antibiotics even since they were a child are lacking in the hydrogen-producing bacteria in their gut, so they end up just not being able to have enough hydrogen.

So one indication of lack of hydrogen is when people scar easily if you have scars, it means you’re lacking in hydrogen as simple as that because of the body likes when you’re getting hypothermia. The body will shut down the heat to the extremities.

To preserve the core. Your body is amazing, so your body is trying its best to keep you alive, so it shuts down extraneous functions like your regeneration system, your immune system, so people are scarring instead of healing and getting sick instead of being well because the body is trying to preserve Life, so what has happened with myself and many people who have been breathing the Browns gas?  It happened after I started – breathing the Browns gas, so hydrogenated water is good, but ten times better is the breathing of the gas and breathing of Hydrogen is good but breathing if the Browns gas is better because it includes another gas called electrically expanded water which we get into shortly.

So it’s important you get enough hydrogen in you with this hydrogen-producing machine for the supplementation of Hydrogen because you’re not getting enough from the bacteria in your gut or the food your consuming, so you’re supplementing with this food hydrogen-producing machine.

You end up being able to build the body’s immune system, and it becomes amazing. I haven’t been sick since 2005. If you take the top 10 stressors, I’ve had most of them that make people sick. So then the next thing is the regeneration system.

All my scars have disappeared and universally people are saying the same thing so, instead of making scar cells like just patching over the wound, it actually allows the skin cells to regenerate and start making skin cells, and then the scars disappear.

If your skin becomes baby skin smooth, so things like psoriasis and warts, I think I had warts since I was a child it’s a virus and my body was never able to get rid of them because it didn’t have the immune system built up with the hydrogen enough. As soon as I started breathing the hydrogen it started to take effect and it took about three months of breathing the hydrogen to get rid of the warts and psoriasis. 

My warts disappeared, all of them my neuropathies disappeared. I was scared I was going to lose the use of my left hand because it was getting numb out from the palm and out toward the fingers and when it started breathing the Browns gasp.

The numbness came back faded away until I had full feeling back in there my hands and the front of my legs. Now your body comes back alive, yeah. Absolutely it everything that’s supposed to be functioning, gets turned back on, and this isn’t, the only technology that does that here at this conference now, obviously there you can see many more.

This is a very simple device that simply it uses distilled water and electricity, and you can do this in your own home. So you’ve, got it easy to just breathe the gas with a cannula tube as if you were breathing bottled oxygen and that way you get it all in your system.

It seems to be lacking the fire to charge the body or to heal it excited. Yes, and that brings us to electrically expanded water, you can think of as the hydrogen as food, but the body needs to do something with that food and to do something with anything.

You need energy and then electrically expanded water is a plasma form of water. Okay, my electrolyzers and any Browns gas electrolyzer will make electrically expanded water, which, which is the plasma form of water.

You have a solid, a liquid, a gas, and a plasma for the state of matter, so the plasma is simply a gas which has extra electrons. These electrons are bio-available, so when you breathe the gas, it goes into your system here and you’ve got into your bloodstream and that energy we’ve, looked at my blood with and several other people’s.

Blood does the same and everybody with a dark field microscope, so you can actually see what happens to the blood, and when the corpuscles are charged, they turn they actually show a charge. They turn into a charged particle alright and they line up.

Just like little magnets and they and they go through the body and they distribute this energy where it’s needed the body knows where to go, what to do with it. So when you breathe the gas you can actually the body distributes it as it wants to, and everybody is different, for example, the very first time that I breathed the gas.

I could not fall asleep. That night I breathed it about four o’clock in the afternoon and I was alert all night. It was disconcerting. It wasn’t painful. I wasn’t, a buzz like if I had coffee but it, but I was just alert and it couldn’t fall asleep after my body got used to it.

It was fine, but my body was doing what it needed to do at first now, my wife, when she first breathed it put her right out at ten minutes out, look nice peaceful sleep, so everybody is different and, and everybody knows what it means for Itself, we live an amazing.

Our bodies are astounding, but they need food and they need energy. So the electrically expanded water is important and is a big fad. Now, going on and more people are gonna learn about it all the time about hydrogen for health and it’s good because it’s, our macronutrient, which has been ignored for centuries by mainstream medical science, and now they’re just everybody’s, piling on board, but hydrogen is good, but you also need the plasma form of the water, the electrically expanded water.

That’s the next level. So if you want to kind of just jump over at the current fad and get into the next one right away, then this is the Machine you need to do that, as I call it. The aqua cure Model AC50. Okay, so now take a quick look, this machine – this is the off button here and you can turn the main power on and off here when you turn on the mitt on the power, it lights up a little sight tube over here so that you can see the liquid level.

We have a low liquid level and a high liquid level, so these are safety features of the machine that I build. The safest machine in the world. I’ve been building electrolyzer since 1986, so I did the best job.

I could build the safest machine and we so it has full instructions and what-have-you. So you turn on the power. Then you can turn on the timer and you select which time you want like say: 30 minutes and you can have a 30-minute treatment, and can we show this gentleman has had currently having a treatment and you could see the cannulas on there. Off we go, yep, excellent and okay. This man is currently having a treatment and doing well he got the cannula done properly.

Okay, so then what happens? Is the gas comes out of the machine through the through the primary filter, which takes out any little bit of limas that might be in there, and then the secondary filter, which it’s, just a backup? And then it goes into the bubbler which is bubbling and actually making your drinking water at the same time as feeding the gas out to breathe.

So it’s for this reason I love doing things that it makes the most efficient use of something so this after 10 minutes of bubbling in here it’s, fully saturated with the hydrogen and electrically expanded water right and the oxygen.

Everything is fully saturated in here all the energies, and this becomes what I consider to be the most healthful water on the planet, everything that they’ve tested in the in the waters. That healer is in this water so that the water is good and important, but you get 10 times the value out of the gas.

If you breathe it in you get 10 times more out of hydrogen and the electrically expanded water and everything directly into your body. Just like I’m going to say God intended when it comes into your bodies through your intestines, except that we have the compromised systems, the digestive systems.

So you put water in here at the top, just plain distilled water and just keep it full like that. You turn it on and off, and you use it there that’s as simple as you go now there are various other attachments that I have like, for example, this spot applicator.

If you want to do a wound, so then you or a scar or a rash or psoriasis or any particular thing. You can use a spot applicator like this and the end of it just plugs on where the cannulas would plug on here.

So again, you’re, making your bubbled water at the same time as you’re, treating yourself this sort of a thing. You can also use this same sort of thing in a bag where you put a bag on your arm or your leg, and you put the gas in the bag, and so you’re topically applying the gas to the skin, which is an advantage In that, when the when you breathe the gas, your body decides where it goes, where what gets healed or enhanced, or whatever it happens, to be doing like, and for example, my hair is starting to grow back.

I was bald down to here and my family has gone bald for generations, so it’s quite amazing, even if I had stopped going bald further, but would have been amazing. But now the hair is actually coming back, which is amazing, and if you look at my pictures, you can see that I mike my look, has decreased in age by at least ten years.

The pictures of ten years ago people would think our current pictures and the pictures of only five years ago I’d. Look like an old man. I had a full white beard and less hair and baggy eyes and all that kind of stuff.

So deep, yes, when I get the health benefits, but what is actually happening with this water that derives its energy and does what it does? First, I call it the hydrogenated water, and because a lot of do people do oxygenated water, but this does actually oxygenate it and hydrogenated and electrically expanded water.

So what it’s doing is giving the body what it needs. The body does its own healing everybody heals itself so, and the best a doctor can do, for example, is to give the body what it means to heal itself.

This is one of the things that it needs to heal itself and most people ordinarily get it from their food or they should that’s, God intended, but they’re not so. This is the way that you can add hydrogen and energy for your body to heal itself and it’s as simple as that, the mechanism is we’re, just simply providing the elements of hydrogen-oxygen and in end energy in The plasma form of water that the body can heal itself, it nothing happens without the building blocks of bricks.

If you will make a house and then the energy necessary to put the bricks in place, so the bricks themselves, aren’t, going to do anything so hydrogen alone won’t. Do anything! You need that energy as well to water, which is the essence of life itself.

Yes, so you’re actually providing unobstructed, charged that’s, correct, reducing things to its very basic essence, not having a whole lot of extra extraneous things. Rube Goldberg! That’s one of the things as an investor I like to go to the very basic simplicity of something which then brings me back to what I was talking about a little bit earlier, where I’m, a very hard-headed person.

Even though I’m an inventor, and so I didn’t breathe the gas until 2016, because my customers were asking me: can we breathe the gas we’re bubbling the water and we’re drinking Bubble, water and it’s.

Doing great, can we breathe the gas? I said no, it’s, a combustible mixture, it’s; hydrogen-oxygen mixture, one of the most combustible and explosive mixtures on the planet that the bombs, the military, has just sort of nuclear.

Our air fuel bombs mating hydrogen-oxygen. So, as I said no, and then in December of 2015, one of my customers sent me a video of people breathing the Browns gas in the Orient. They’re way ahead of us in the Orient way ahead.

There are so many manufacturers, and, and they essentially as they built up their country like China, built a huge came into the first world nation and they just jumped over a whole bunch of technologies like acetylene, for example, and they’re doing the bronze cast for health, Japan is huge in the brown skies for health, especially in all the spas and everything, because it makes a youthful appearance and they’re big on youth so and they’ve also done studies where they have taken the people who live the longest in Japan and the people who weren’t living very long, and they found that the people who weren’t living very long didn’t have very much hydrogen in their bloodstream and the people that did the whole families of the people that did live long had large quantities of hydrogen in their bloodstream.

So again, they’re, probably in a situation where these people had really good gut bacteria, and these people did not – and it was as simple as that, so the people that didn’t have and – and they did this with Mouse studies – They gave them hydrogen by breathing and the, and they could get a 30 to 50 percent life extension healthful life extension.

You’re, not laying around in bed all wrinkled, and I’m. This waiting to die for decades. You’re, just you’re out and out bout and myself I go on like three to five hours of sleep every night I have absolutely.

I don’t need any more sleep than that. My but my brain does its thing, and I’m just up and about and alert and able to do things. It was a time recently that I was in. I was doing a construction job and a foundation needed to be taken out, so they got a jackhammer in the 20 and 30-year-olds, who should have been on the jackhammer were scared of the jackhammer, but the jack-hammered when I was in the minds working in the mines when I was young, so I just grabbed the jackhammer and jack-hammered all day and ordinarily, you’d think a 60-year-old man jackhammering all day would not be up to such a task. I guess I had no pain, no, no, nothing! So people who are active and wanting all to have a lot of exercises. They won’t, have the repercussions that normal people do: yep, yep, fine, okay, so back again to the nice thing about that you can edit it.

I assume yes, so back to my heart. Headedness with the breathing of the Brown’s gas. Is that, after I saw this video in the Orient, I was able to remember something I should have known right from the beginning.

Is that, as soon as you mix the Browns gas, the hydrogen with air enough air it dilutes it to the point where it’s, not flammable anymore? And I did the calculations quickly and it turns out that the little amount of Brown’s gas that is coming out of a machine like this is, if you breathe in the amount of the large amount of air that you breathe in it’s.

Under the explosive limit, so then you can breathe in therapeutic amounts of the Browns gas, without any worries that you’re gonna have an explosive mixture in your lungs and go pop, maybe so huh yeah.

  • If this it’s, the one niggly quirk about this there’s no toxic limit there’s, been scientific studies to find any negative side effects to this gas. There are none. The conclusively studied are like over 300 scientific studies of Brown’s gas and hydrogen, and they found absolutely no negative side effects.
  • All the side effects were positive, for example, they were trying to see about blood pressure and they would have the Browns gassed and when they would breathing it, the people’s. Blood pressure went down and when they’d, stop breathing it.
  • They’d, have to go back on blood pressure meds because their blood pressure would go up again, so the and these people we’re finding things like their scars disappear, their warts disappear. Their neuropathies disappear all these side effects.

Yes, the body what it needs to fully charge, then everything was working and healing Hamlet’s exactly yes, I do yes, but mostly just those three, those three things there’s, various kinds of fuel savers, one of which uses the Browns Gas there’s, the three or four others that vaporize the fuel and otherwise make it more efficient.

For example, I discovered it’s relatively simple, to go ten times further on a gallon of gas and there’s absolutely no reason why the car companies aren’t doing that. In fact, there are over 5,000 fuel saver patents that have been suppressed so that nobody’s can have fule saving terchnologies abd they sell vehicles in order to burn fuel.

To make money and if vehicles got 10 times further, they’d, lose trillions of dollars so, and it comes back the same thing to the pharmaceutical industry. They don’t actually cure anything. The drug there’s been a study recently there was a study to see and they found that it was.

  • It was not economically viable to heal people – honest to God. There’s. A study about that. Okay, the big firemen did a study to see and they found it’s better to mitigate symptoms. Okay, then, to heal the disease.
  • As long as you can keep people sick, but feeling okay, then they’re Okay, like big farma keeps making money because the people are still sick, but they keep taking things like allergy, medicine, medication and that’s, a big one and blood pressure medications and all these kinds of things.
  • You can pretty much see that the advertisements on TV, like it, used to be smoking. Smoking’s no more, but they’ve got all these drugs on TV and that’s how they’re, making their money so it’s, just one of those things as a pet peeve of mine.

hho generator uses if you breathe this, your blood pressure goes down. Your cholesterol goes away, like all that it heals the arteries and it just heals things. So you don’t need these drugs. My wife, for example, she had to take a Zyrtec every day, anti-allergy medication, as a teen just because she couldn’t this is why I desiced to invent this hho generator for sale to everyone that wnats to improve their health.

She would be coughing and choking and even so hard start puking because it was you know, so she has to take Zyrtec just to live, but as soon as she started breathing this she maybe had to take one or two Zyrtec a year.

If it was exceptionally bad allergy season or something like that, and so it just made her whole life to where she could get out and do things and – and you want to do things – that’s. What is brown’s gas used for when you’re, when you’re fatigued, chronic fatigue, you don’t feel like doing anything and it’s, just a downward spiral.

If you dont use it, you lose it kind of thing, yes, absolutely yeah it. Brown’s gas generator for health and it does have benefits for autism. I don’t advise a hyperbaric chamber, because you’d – have to be really careful with the concentration of hydrogen, because you don’t want to have them in a little bomb right, but they can breathe the gas even if they’re.

In the hyperbaric chamber and the or out of it whatever, but absolutely it, virtually everything across the board is the that is helped, either directly or indirectly, by the Brown’s Cases.

It’s, your food, you need to it and you need to get enough of it. Yes, all these things are compromising our love. Yep, oh just to finalize, is that that once I did start breathing the breathing brown’s gas gets all these health benefits that I was talking about, and more like my arthritis is entirely gone.

thanks to this hho generator kit I have full function and no pain in my hands. Yes, inflammation. One of the beauties of it it’s, the greatest one of the best anti-inflammatories ever and it’s, natural.  Use it in any part of the body you’d normally use have anti-inflammatory expereince and anti-free radical, like free, radical scavenger and the nice thing about it.


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