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Buy Natural Food Health Supplements That Work from Living Technologies

Buy Natural Food Health Supplements That Work from Living Technologies

There’s been a lot of talk and quite a debate in alternative health and healing circles about the actual efficacy of dietary supplements compared with hype and lack of truth in advertising. Granted, sometimes it’s the fault of the end-user, who may not understand what their body needs based on things like blood and metabolic typing, ayurveda, and other methods, so when you want to buy natural food health supplements that work, as opposed to getting “expensive cellulose” (in many cases) you need to be circumspect. This is precisely why we at Living Technologies set out from the get-go to provide only the most natural, whole food supplements which are made from Mother Nature’s apothecary cupboard, such as medicinal mushrooms, live active enzyme probiotics, along with trace minerals, high ORMUS minerals, and much more!

Shilajit is a high ORMUS mineral health supplement that works to heal your body.

Shilajit is a high ORMUS mineral health supplement that works to heal your body.

We ourselves have in some cases bought questionable health supplements over the years, so as our own test subjects we refined what was in our own cupboard and kitchen and wanted to pass on our discoveries and knowledge regarding health supplements that work vs. those that amount to a lot of pricey fluff, with little in the way of true potency. We discovered that you want natural dietary supplements that stimulate your own body’s glandular and endocrine systems to produce the desired effect, i.e. don’t buy melatonin capsules (sourced in most cases from dead animals), rather take CBD or hemp oil as a natural sleep aid. (See? We’re not always about selling our own stuff. We will gladly send you somewhere else to buy what you need!)

He Shou Wu promotes good health, and is one of the Chinese herbs that fight cancer.

He Shou Wu promotes good health, and is one of the Chinese herbs that fight cancer.

Our Health Supplements That Work Are Also Dirt Cheap!

Compared with the prospect of facing diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and a myriad of other health problems, as well as the staggering costs of going the mainstream medical route and spending up to $100,000 a year on fake “cures” like deadly chemotherapy and radiation therapy, spending just a few hundred dollars for a few key natural health supplements that work to greatly reduce the effects of those diseases is a relative bargain! Just forget all the billion-dollar propaganda campaigns against the actual destroyers of cancer. It’s sick, and these “watch out for cancer scams” types just need to die the worst kind of death as they twist the minds of gullible people and funnel them into the death mills and away from alternative health and healing.

Did you know? Pharmaceutical chemotherapy drugs have a warning in small print either on the label itself or accompanying literature (your oncologist will hide from you) that says, in effect, “this chemotherapy drug is known to CAUSE CANCER”! Of all the pernicious rackets out there, the cancer racket has got to be the most obscene. Lying bald-faced to sick people and using scare tactics to get them to take chemo and radiotherapy drugs to satisfy the terms of their pharmaceutical-oncological subsidies (about $150K per new patient sign-ups) may just be worse than the wars-based-on-lies genocidal racket, as it appears that there are now more victims in the mainstream medical and oncology racket than in the oil wars for greed in the past 30 years or so.

Anyway…we could go on and on ranting about this and showing good evidence to back up our rant, but if you’re reading this chances are you are already well aware of how stinkingly bad the cesspool of corruption is in the political and pharmaceutical-medical sectors of society.

So, you can  save money, heal yourself, and thwart the vicious medical-pharmaceutical racket at the same time when you buy natural food health supplements that work to heal your body. We have many of the best daily supplements for health you can get. Over 140 to be precise.

Seek out Chinese herbal remedies to cure cancer and a myriad of diseases.

Seek out Chinese herbal remedies to cure cancer and a myriad of diseases.

Go Against the Grain with Alternative Health and Healing

And live to tell the tale. Actually, it’s slowly becoming more the norm, as millions of rats jump from the sinking ship of mainstream medicine, follow their better intuition, say to hell with all the natural healing naysayers and buy natural food health supplements that work. They are also seeking out health coaches like ourselves in droves as they clearly see the medical genocide happening before their very eyes.

They will tell you about witch doctors who put chicken blood on their hands and pull tumors (poultry giblets) from bodies to paint a derogatory picture of alternative health and healing. They will tell you that if you don’t get chemotherapy and radiation, it will somehow be a worse fate for you (imagine a worse fate than slowly having your endocrine and immune system destroyed, losing your hair, teeth, dignity, health, and waiting for death helplessly) and you will be letting your families down, etc. etc., hogwash, and mularkey to the moon. They will lie to you and tell you that alternative medicine is completely promulgated by quacks. From these, the ultimate quacks! But, that’s how Satan works. He always accuses his enemies of doing what he himself is up to.

Much of education is unlearning and forgetting the lies and programming and just boldly following your inner intuitive senses to greener pastures. Our “educational system” is also a multi-billion dollar racket where the controlled, reductionist science runs (or funds) the narrative. Some countries have caught on, and now offer free college tuition to oppose the odious nature of putting such an astronomical price tag on education and learning, which has left entire generations of young people as disenfranchised debt slaves wondering where the hell all their years of study and book learning can apply, and “Will I have to live in my car?”

It’s madness, and the best way to contravene the madness is to follow Mother Nature down her path and use things like herbal tinctures, raw milk probiotics, doing water and juice fasting, and just living as naturally and healthfully as possible (in a world under the haze of global chemtrail spraying, forced vaccinations, wars for profit, GMO foods, and the rest of it). Our raw milk kefir drink enriched with GcMAF is a proprietary formula based on a millennia-old recipe for optimum health that has allowed people in parts of Asia (Caucasus Mountains region, Tibet, Mongolia, etc.) to live well past 100 disease-free since before Christ was born.

red reishi is just one of many natural food health supplements that work to heal disease.

Red reishi is just one of many natural health supplements that work to heal disease.

Buy Natural Food Health Supplements and Say Goodbye to Dis-ease

And say goodbye also to pharmaceutical tyranny. Most Americans are now taking multiple Big Pharma drugs, pimped by medical establishment white-coats who know next to nothing about how disease really works, nor especially about true, alternative health and healing. With Living Technologies, you can access Mother Nature’s apothecary cupboard, get back to natural living, get the full benefit of Hippocrates’ and Dioscorides’ proclamations that underscore the maxim that what you eat should be both food and medicine. And, if you need further guidance on how to buy natural food health supplements tailored to meet your health issues, drop us a line by phone, email, or chatra!


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