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Eliminate Parasites and Candida with Probiotics

Eliminate Parasites and Candida with Probiotics

Before You Eliminate Parasites and Candida with Probiotics

The most important step to do before you eliminate parasites and candida with probiotics or a body cleanse is to condition your intestinal tract and free up the toxins and optimize your elimination functions. A constipated, congested or irritated colon is a breeding ground for intestinal parasites and other pathogens, so you need to “prime the pump” first, as they say.

No matter what medication, herbal cleanse or supplements you may take, as long as your colon has waste buildup that can feed parasites, you are probably going to have parasites in the colon, and will not be able to get rid of the parasitic infection.

This also applies to natural anti parasitic foods that are recommended for the parasite cleanse diet; waste buildup makes it difficult for the colon to move the foods you eat in a normal pace. As a result, these foods may stay longer in your digestive tract, get rotten, and become toxic.

This critical step of doing a colon cleanse for parasites issues is often overlooked, and is the main reason why many people can’t get rid of their parasitic infection issues. It is also the cause behind the healing crises and the parasite cleanse side effects (also called “herxing”) most people experience during the parasite treatment and intestinal parasite cleanse; it just takes your body too much time removing the dying parasites and their toxins from the intestinal tract.

The bottom line is: for the most effective parasite cleanse, always cleanse your colon before getting started.

Help Eliminate Parasites with Enzymes

Adjusting to the parasite cleanse diet usually takes time, especially with foods your body may not be used to. Taking full spectrum digestive enzymes can help with this transition and improve the digestion and nutrients absorption from the foods you eat. PuraDyme’s LiyfZyme and PuraZyme formulas can take care of you very well on this count!

This is especially important for people who already have digestive problems. Digestive issues typically lead to undigested food particles in the digestive tract that can feed parasites and weaken the immune system. This can prevent the body being able to naturally fight parasitic infection and lead to additional problems such as a systemic yeast and candida overgrowth.

Besides the pain, discomfort, and ongoing stress on the body, having digestion issues may also mean you are not absorbing all the nutrients from the foods you eat. This is one of the biggest concerns of those looking to eliminate parasitic infections. According to research, parasites can cause nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin B12 (anemia), vitamin A and others.

Eventually, this can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies which can evolve to more serious, sometimes permanent health complications. This is exactly the reason why many health providers recommend their patients to take enzyme supplements; coupled with proper dietary changes, it is a very effective way that can significantly promote healthy digestion while helping the body to naturally heal a parasitic infection.

Parasite Cleanse Diet

A parasite cleanse diet is a very important part of the parasite cleanse — and, it’s an area that’s often overlooked. The main idea behind the anti-parasitic diet is to create an environment in the body that is hostile to parasites.

This is achieved by:

  • Eliminating foods that can feed parasites, weaken your immune system and body, especially high carbs and sugary foods, processed foods, fried foods, sugary beverages, wheat, gluten, grains, dairy, alcohol, and yeast.
  • Including anti-parasite foods and foods that kill parasites in the body such as garlic and pumpkin seeds.
  • Including colon cleansing foods to optimize toxins and parasite removal from the body. Raw vegetables and fresh low sugar fruits such as lemons, apples and berries are great examples. The famous overnight toxins flush lemonade cleanse is a very good example of easy to make home remedies for parasite cleanse, using natural ingredients such as lemon and raw apple cider vinegar to help detox your body and remove toxins.
  • Avoiding foods that are hard to digest such as legumes and beans is also recommended during the parasite cleanse diet. These whole foods can be very healthy in general, but when consumed during the cleanse they may slow your digestion causing the released toxins from the cleanse to stay longer in your body.
  • Eating meat, especially raw or not fully cooked meat, pork, or fish (sushi) may increase your risk of getting parasitic infections such as tapeworms and others. During the parasite cleanse it is highly recommended to avoid eating raw meat and minimize the consumption of animal based products.

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Living Technologies is Your Source for Whole Food Probiotics

We at Living Technologies have the raw, natural, enzyme-rich probiotics formulas you need to eliminate parasites and candida infection. We can guide you through the labyrinth and deliver you the best parasite cleanse and the the best probiotics for your time or money!

We’ll help you learn how to get rid of candida naturally, what kills candida, and the ins and outs of intestinal candida symptoms and treatment protocols.(You will also notice the probiotics and weight loss connection, as well!)

So, remember: before you attempt to eliminate parasites or candida with a body cleanse or probiotics, you will want to free up toxins and elimination functions, as a congested or compromised colon will perpetuate intestinal parasites and other pathogens, hampering your efforts with an intestinal parasite cleanse and defeating the purpose of it.



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