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Heal Cancer Naturally and Forget Chemo Treatment Forever

Heal Cancer Naturally and Forget Chemo Treatment Forever

Yes, You Can Heal Cancer Naturally, and Cheaply, Too

Welcome to our growing repository of health and wellness — both in the form of products and information on how to attain and keep preserve it. It’s not that difficult a thing to discover how to heal yourself from cancer naturally. For millennia and longer, humankind (long before the term “cancer” was invented) kept themselves free of dis-ease by consuming what many have come to call the Paleolithic Diet, or food which is found in the wilds of nature. It is our aim with this latest blog article to share some salient information with you on where to find natural cancer cures, and ultimately, how to heal cancer naturally and forget chemo treatment forever as a viable option!

Going by the cosmological clock, or even the far shorter-duration clock of human history, it is only within the last nanosecond of our brief historical record on this Earth that cancer has become such a “bete noir” or monstrous phenomenon and plague as it has. It is within a shorter timespan than that that people have relied upon medical science for its “cure for cancer” — though no actual kind of “cure” at all. Turning to those who use “pharmakeia,” revealed in a previous blog as the Greek root word meaning, literally, “drug sorcery,” and who routinely violate the foundational healing principles (or apparently have no understanding whatsoever what their Hippocratic Oath even means) is like turning to Charles Manson in search of babysitting services for your teenage daughters. It’s foolish, stupid, ignorant, and potentially lethal. Indeed, most official cancer deaths are actually death from chemotherapy, which was developed from mustard gas and now has around a 5-6% survival rate.

Wise women or witches were falsely labeled as heretics and burned at the stake for showing folks how to heal cancer naturally.

Wise women or witches were falsely labeled as heretics and burned at the stake for showing folks how to heal cancer naturally.

From our inception as a species, through the high Paleolithic and Bronze Age, into the medieval era, Middle Ages, and well the 20th Century, most people on Earth (even in the western world) did not rush to doctors to fix them at the first signs of health trouble. They relied on apothecaries, herbalists, and “wise folk” — many of whom, it should be noted, were labeled heretics and burned at the stake as witches during the Church’s backlash against those who were taking profits away from the priests and other clerics (who were the real voodoo practitioners), and early Medici (where we get the word medicine) sophists looking to bleed-out or force out the demons which they saw as the root causes of disease, Nature be damned.

Yes, for a nice little fee, these barbarians, quack doctors and their quislings would gladly engage in such insanity as forcing antimony “pills” down you or strap you to the rack and give you the “water cure” in a jail or sanitarium just for having, say, common ailments like migraine headaches, constipation, gout, or gallstones (and likely as punishment for not coming to the Church straightaway for your “cure”).

Fast-forward to the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, and you have a many-billion-dollar industry founded upon ignorance and fear, and fueled by bad medicine. “Bad medicine,” however, is a quaint euphemism for corporate-medical genocide. Yes, we said it. Genocide. It’s an extremely tragic form of genocide, too, because in the eyes of the cunning sophists carrying it out, it’s a completely voluntary one on the part of the “patient”. But, how much “patience” are we supposed to have with a system hard-wired with institutionalized stonewalling of the truth and complete disdain for anybody that wants to heal cancer naturally and refuse their extortionately-priced and deadly chemo treatments?

You need to find alternative cancer cures because chemotherapy is LETHAL!

How to Heal Yourself From Cancer Successfully

First, rid yourself of the notion that the Big Pharma doctors and the AMA-sponsored medical cabal have any interest whatsoever in curing or healing you of cancer. This notion is analogous to thinking cops are genuinely interested in your safety and well-being, the courts are interested in delivering justice, and the schools are out to educate you in the things you truly need to be enlightened on. Hogwash. These types have shown a consistent pattern for decades of obfuscating ways to heal cancer naturally in favor of their lucrative chemo treatment protocols.

Second, do your own homework. Don’t rely on “enlightenment by proxy” or osmosis, or what Dr. Oz said on his TV show about how to survive cancer. Really let your curiosity and inner scholar run loose in the fields of knowledge, tune into your intuitive sensibilities, and narrow-down what feels like truth to you. Now, this takes some work. You can’t have the TV or radio blaring, or other stimuli pulling you away to fall back into the decadence trap that wants you defeating your own better cause. You’ll really have to buckle-down and research your symptomology, alternative health practitioners and their testimonials, various alternative cancer cure products and websites, etc., until you get the firm sense that you’ve stumbled upon the right method(s) to heal cancer naturally — whether it’s someone else or it’s a how to heal yourself from cancer using herbal cures, say.

Yes, there are plenty of you out there who truly do your due diligence on finding ways to say goodbye to the idea of chemo treatment as being the only viable cancer cure out there. Many of you have researched for years, as we have, the best ways to heal cancer naturally, and we salute you. There are many professed alternative cures for cancer out there, but what you have to keep in mind is that this truly is all about a personal revolution. It’s a revolution in consciousness, in personal sovereignty (i.e., “My health and healing are my own business, thank you”), and in belief systems. You can’t dawdle on the fence and go in for an IV chemo treatment one day, and, say, be quaffing our probiotic raw milk kefir product the next (plus, we cannot and will not guarantee the efficacy of this product for anyone simultaneously doing chemo treatment). “The twain don’t meet,” goes the old saying. This is a form or symptom of cultural schizophrenia or psychosis. For some, it simply amounts to collective confusion and desperation, but it is still an attempt to bring two twain, rent-apart ideas together. It’s like the fast-food addict who’s also a jogging or cycling nut. The wino one day and a teetotaler the next.

You get the point.

You have to choose one thing or the other — unless you enjoy existential battles royal that constantly yank your health around to the point of physiological depletion (facilitating faster breakdown of biological stability). Hey, some do — but it’s going to be a self-administered and pointless, time-wasting fight without a happy ending.

Ayurvedic proverb relating to how to heal yourself from cancer naturally.

Cancer Fighting Foods and Whole Food Supplements

If you’re like many out there, you’re in search of foods that fight cancer tumors, or “miracle foods that cure cancer”. And, we’re here to tell you that doing so is an act of sanity and common sense in a world becoming rapidly devoid of such things. We would say this is a very brave and revolutionary thing to do — especially if you are growing such cancer-fighting foods yourself, as we would recommend. There’s nothing like growing your own garden, and it seems almost ridiculous that health coaches like us would be having to espouse growing your own garden and shout the obvious from the rooftops, but — there it is.

In an age of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act, said George Orwell. Well, here it is, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut addicts: organically grown leafy greens, vegetables, and herbs need to become a staple of your diet. In fact, your diet needs to be about 70% raw, organic foods (if you want to live a long, healthy life, that is). Being “fruity” and like a “vegetable” is much more preferable than being “questionably-processed dead meat,” don’t you think? Not that we’re against an organically-harvested, humanely-procured steak once in a while, but it’s all about what makes the most biophysics common sense for the human body.

Hippocrates would advocate using raw foods to heal cancer naturally!

Yes, this is the revolution — curing yourself of disease with “food as thy medicine and medicine as thy food“. Yes, there is a cancer cure by mind power as well, as it’s 90% mental, which you have to have along with the physical substances of your cancer diet cure. If you want to truly “get” how to heal yourself from cancer you’ve got to get quantum. You have to out-think the pundits of the mainstream, status quo methodologies, side-step the slickly-worded medical propaganda littering the internet that wants to trip you up in your bid to heal cancer naturally, and trust your own divine self and power to self-heal!

Heal Cancer Naturally, Safely, and Cheaply

We live in a truly backwards world when the slow-death (and many times fast-death) fake “cures for cancer” promulgated by the avaricious, for-profit cancer industry are cost-prohibitive (some are paying up to $30,000 per month for chemo treatment!) and the natural cures for cancer are growing in your garden, sold at your nearest farmer’s market, and are found right here on Living Technologies for incredibly low prices!

Official FDA disclaimer: Our opinions and sharing of health facts is for educational and entertainment purposes only. We are not medical practitioners, nor do we purport to be “practicing medicine”. Gladly, none of the products we sell have been evaluated by the FDA, nor are they officially intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. Mother Nature is the healer, not us. We just help facilitate better health for people choosing life over death, that’s all.

Heal cancer naturally with our Quantum Probiotic Super Immune Activator.

So, forget chemo treatment once and for all as anything but a ruse by conscience-free quack charlatans and heal cancer naturally with products such as our probiotic raw milk kefir Super Immune Activator, High ORMUS Himalayan shilajit, Chinese medicinal mushrooms, and much more. We make it easier than ever to learn how to heal yourself from cancer and as your own physician, heal thyself!







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