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Heal Chemtrail Disease aka Morgellons Disease with Our Remediation Kits

Heal Chemtrail Disease aka Morgellons Disease with Our Remediation Kits

The truth is out of the bag: the entire world population now has traces of toxic chemtrails in us. They can’t hide it or marginalize it anymore with their propaganda campaigns. But, the good news is you can heal chemtrail disease aka Morgellons disease with our chemtrail remediation kits, which you can also call a “chemtrail cough remedy,” as they are designed to rid your body of heavy metals, pathogens, and other particulates that are harming your health.

There are all kinds of independent researchers and scientists, as well as internet writers and pundits talking about chemtrail disease, or Morgellons Disease. Some (like talk about antibiotic therapy as being the only viable way to rid yourself of chemtrail toxicity, but we would strongly advocate against putting additional “anti-life” agents into your body. Instead, it will take a heavy chelation effect to counter aerosol-spraying toxins. We’ve discovered a potent combination of magnetic clay along with other minerals and detoxification substances that neutralize chemtrail disease invaders, including nanobots.

morgellons skin rash

Do you have a Morgellons skin rash like this one?

Is Chemtrail Disease Real, or a Conspiracy?

Well, what do you think? What does your intuitive sense tell you. Chances are good, if you’re here reading this, you know that it’s a reality — however unthinkable for some — that those who control the world governments and dictate policy dictated decades ago that chemtrails spraying aka aerosol spraying would be standard operating procedure. Why the hell not? Look what else these insanos do. These are people who start wars for profit and commit genocide routinely. They steal people’s rightful assets like homes, and foreclose them into the streets — at the same time making homelessness illegal.

Would you really put chemtrails past these greedy devils in control of the power structure of the planet? Even if you don’t buy the main chemtrails conspiracy narrative, you have to wonder: What the hell are they spraying up there? It’s toxic filth whether it’s chemtrails or “normal jet contrails”.

And, they’re brought to us by the same ones that gave us: AIDS, SARS, avian flu, mad cow disease, pig flu, zika virus, ebola, fluoridated water and many, many more weaponized pathogenic assaults. Would dropping aluminum oxide, barium, strontium and radioactive materials in aerosols be beyond the pale of their reason?

The answer to minds capable of independent, critical thinking is: of course not.

But, at least we have the remedies for chemtrail disease aka Morgellons Disease. We have a powerful chemtrail cough remedy in a specially-developed kit. In fact, we are developing 3 different chemtrail remediation kits.

That’s right! We will have one available for topical use in the bath or for the skin; we will have another kit for nasal douching or nasal irrigation; and, we will have one for internal use. Together, these three kits will save your life. And, they will save you spending thousands of dollars more going to clueless doctors or getting eventual cancer treatment.

Disclaimer: We are NOT medical practitioners, nor are we giving medical advice to anyone. If you feel you have Morgellons aka Chemtrail Disease, we advise you to see a licensed physician.

Morgellons Disease a Widespread Reality

morgellons disease linked to chemtrails.

Whether you choose to believe the truth is no matter — it exists anyway. So, we paraphrase a great maxim of truth somebody somewhere spoke. And, there it is: Morgellons Disease and the effects of chemtrail disease exist, and have been “debunked,” if you believe Google’s highest-ranked articles to that effect. Dig a little deeper (not far) and you will find constellations of information on the reality of what’s being sprayed out of airplanes now (since about 1997 globally).

And, for those of you about 35+, you know chemtrails are most likely a real phenomenon. You kids who were born around 1997 and after? No doubt many of you are asking, “What’s all the fuss? I’ve been seeing criss-crossing jet contrails my whole life.” Right, you have. Only they are not “jet contrails” as the busy-beaver internet thought police would have you believe.

Do you have a persistent skin rash that turns into a chicken pox-like result? Do you pull little technicolor fibers out of your rashy skin? Well, this is likely much more than eczema or psoriasis, or even squamous cell carcinoma. You have Morgellons Disease, most likely, and you need a radical type of therapy to counteract it. Now, we aren’t doctors or medical practitioners of any kind. We are NOT giving out any type of “medical advice”. You came to us because we are adept and tuned-in health coaches who make suggestions — you are the “physician, heal[ing] thyself”.

Some people take our suggestions and run with them, and some don’t. The ones who have used our other proprietary products, like our Super Immune Activator, however, swear by its unique healing qualities.

Our chemtrail remediation kits are being developed with the same dedication to Mother Nature’s healing principles.

chemtrail disease affects the body, brain, and mind itself.

Remember the good old days, where we had natural clouds in our skies?

The Chemtrail Propaganda is as Thick as the Chemtrails Themselves

We borrowed the following excerpt from an article on regarding chemtrails and the related propaganda that’s been poured on thick and heavy:

While reading this short article, please remember these critical facts:

Virtually all (if not all) jet trails (aerosol releases) we have witnessed for the first decade of the aerosol campaign were from white or silver unmarked jets (military jets), not commercial jets.

The appearance of some commercial jets with trails in the past few years is a relatively new phenomenon.

How do we explain this? Here’s the short version:

1. [The] military begins [a] massive aerosol release program.

2. Public begins to notice that only military jets produce trails. This would eventually cause the public to discover that jet trails are intentional.

3. Military adds trail-producing chemicals to fuel they offer at a discount to commercial carriers. Some carriers begin using it. This is why we see trails from only a few commercial carriers.

4. Public sees that both military and commercial jets produce trails and so they accept the propaganda claiming trails are the result of either (a) combustion, or (b) jet fuel additives.

See how this works? You are witnessing a well-coordinated propaganda campaign at work.

The EPA Cover Story

The EPA is now pushing the cover story that jet trails are caused by jet fuel additives.

A falsified paper from 2000 claims that scientists say jet trails are the result of water vapor from burning jet fuel. This paper happened to be published just as the public began realizing that jet trails were a new phenomenon. Donald Trump is even supporting the official government narrative on chemtrails, which is a big disappointment to those who see that the chemtrail disease litmus test truly shows where our “leaders” stand on this important issue. [Living Technologies editor: We added that last sentence.]

Not Commercial Jets

Although a few of our group members report seeing commercial jets emitting trails, we have yet to see a single one.

Every single jet we witness emitting trails is white or silver, unmarked, and (the ones we checked) have no transponder. This means they are military. Every single commercial jet we see, and we see many, have no trail except for the faint, black carbon soot everyone sees at the airport.

chemtrails are real

Whoops! Plane spraying chemtrails: pilot forgot to turn off the chemtrail spray nozzles prior to landing.

The Details

Remember, the globalists conducting spray operations must deceive the population into thinking jet trails are harmless because they know the population would never approve spraying poisons into the air they breathe.

If the population noticed that only unmarked military jets produced trails, it would be clear that the trails were intentional [and likely deliberately weaponized] because both military and commercial jets use the same types of engines. This would result in widespread public opposition to the spraying.

So, they invented the following chemtrails propaganda to fool the public into ignoring and accepting the new jet trails in the sky:

1) Lie #1: Jet trails are just contrails from fuel combustion.
2) Lie #2: Jet trails are the result of commercial jet fuel additives.

To support their propaganda, the military has invoked a program that causes some commercial jets to produce chemtrails. They do this by selling cheaper jet fuel that has undisclosed chemicals that intentionally create trails.

The military entices commercial carriers to use this fuel by offering it at a discount.

Now that some commercial jets produce chemtrails, the public is deceived about jet trails once again, and we all pay [the] dearest price for this deception.

Once you realize the seriousness of the illness and disease caused by components falling out of chemtrails, you realize how wicked the lies are which keep the public believing the trails are “harmless”.

—Jim Lee, “The Chemtrail Conspiracy BOMBSHELL! Secret Agenda Explained!”

Lee continues to promote the false claim that the “doping of jet fuel” is “the name of the game”. He even expounds the so-called “benefit” which is called “Geoengineering”. Geoengineering is the process of injecting sulfur compounds into the atmosphere for the purpose of reversing “global warming”. So they subtly justify the need for atmospheric aerosols claiming it will save humanity.

See also: Why We Choose To Use The Terms “Aerosol Injection” and “Chemtrails”

There is a silent elephant in the room that [ has] been exposing for years:

Highly-toxic, mercury-containing coal fly ash is being intentionally released into the atmosphere.

This substance is extremely harmful to all life and provides absolutely no benefit to anyone except the profiteers of disease, but as long as the public keeps buying the deadly propaganda about “commercial jet fuel additives”, the public will drift off into a life of disease and death without ever knowing why it happened.

coal fly ash is one of the culprits in chemtrail disease

Coal fly ash is one of the components of chemtrails.

See also: Contamination of the Biosphere with Mercury…Using Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash

See also: The United Nations Eugenics Program

Here’s hard proof that the US government is engaged in a militarized program of aerosolized and weaponized weather control: a list of geoengineering patents going back to 1891!

Propaganda Keeps the Spraying Going

Those promoting the EPA propaganda claiming jet trails are the unintentional result of commercial jet fuel additives are letting the criminals off the hook. This propaganda implies that jet trails are “a mistake” caused by a lack of regulation. If the public believes this, then the EPA will hold public hearings for years to come. This only allows the spraying to continue [indefinitely] resulting in an ever-increasing catastrophe.

[Source credit:]

chemtrail disease aka morgellons disease is an unfortunate reality

Morgellons disease nanofibers seen under a microscope.

Our “Chemtrail Detox Bath” remediation kits will contain the following ingredients and instructions (look for this label when looking to buy a chemtrail remediation kit from us in the future):

Chemtrail remediation detox kit front labelchemtrail detox kit back label

Chemtrail Remediation is a Sign of Higher Consciousness

Just saying no to the propaganda campaigns of big corporate media and taking control of your own health and well-being is a sure sign that you are an evolved, conscious being. You’re not going to let media brainwashing outlets keep you in the herd mentality and on the road to early death, now are you? Inquire with us by phone or email, and watch for the added “chemtrail remediation kits” product pages in the near future — you will be able to heal chemtrail disease aka Morgellons disease with our chemtrail remediation kits, which you can also call a “chemtrail cough remedy,” as they are designed to rid your body (internally and externally) of heavy metals, pathogens, and other particulates like coal fly ash that are greatly harming your health!



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