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Healing benefits in using the Super Immune Activator Kit

Healing benefits in using the Super Immune Activator Kit

Our super probiotic GcMAF kefir kit can cure major diseases of all types.

Super Immune Activator Kit affords the following healing benefits in using this product on a consistent base to restore issues with your teeth gums and mouth. Just another one of the 100’s of health benefits this product affords the body of all mammals that use this kit on consistent bases to improve a myriad of health issues or concerns.

I am the inventor of the Super Immune Activator Kit – The 4 components are Colostrum Powder, Kefir Grains Live Culture, Quantum Probiotic Powder, Vitamin D3+K2

My testimonial in using this SIA product for the past 3 1/2 years is regarding my teeth and gums and how this product has completely changed the health of my mouth

I used to have a terrible problem with cancer sours my entire life. Huge pockets between my teeth in my gums. I had 7 and 8 pocket-size holes that are now 2’s and 3’s

Till now I was never able to get my teeth cleaned without novocaine to numb my mouth or Nitrous Oxide gas, due to my teeth and guns being ultra-sensitive.

Dr. Tanner cleaned all my teeth and I did not need any novocaine to numb me I was blown away. How Dr. Tanner was able to clean all my teeth with no issues what so ever.

It is all due to this product called the Super immune Activator Kit using it in combination with Organic Grass-Fed Raw Milk of cow, sheep goat, any mammals milk look for Herd Share on google for local suppliers.

You mix it with the components in my Super Immune Activator kit that makes GcMAF. The GcMAF with the probiotic count heals the moth. When you swish it in your mouth for 2 minutes before you go to bed first thing in the am.

This product will start to ameliorate, will repair deep pockets and heal your reseeding gums your teeth gum and mouth issues will start to vanish. It’s gotten rid of hot-cold sensitivity with my teeth and the roots.


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