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Here’s Where to Buy Kefir Grains in a Super Probiotic Kit

Here’s Where to Buy Kefir Grains in a Super Probiotic Kit

How to Make Yourself an Organic Kefir Probiotic Drink

Many of you have discovered the optimum health-producing effects of drinking raw milk kefir. Consequently, many of you are also looking for where to buy kefir grains at a low price. Organic kefir grains, that is — the kind that can make you an organic kefir probiotic drink that can help you with intestinal and auto-immune disorders, among other maladies that whole, raw foods from Mother Nature can fix.

Our Super Immune Activator has all the ingredients to make an awesome raw milk kefir smoothie, including: organic bovine colostrum powder, our proprietary Quantum Probiotic Blend, Vitamin D3/K2 to help as a carrier of GcMAF (an important cancer-fighting protein produced in our raw kefir probiotic drink), and a 1 oz. jar of milk kefir grains in raw milk. The Quantum Probiotic Blend contains over 60 probiotic strains and comes as part of the Super Immune Activator kit (in a 1 oz. jar), or you can purchase it separately in a 2.5 oz. jar to make the kit last longer (if used properly, it will give you a 3 to 6-month supply, depending on how much of our organic kefir drink you consume).

Organic raw milk kefir grains -- Living Technologies is where to buy kefir grains.

“Where Can I Find Kefir Grains?”

Determining where to buy kefir grains is merely the first goal in your quest for optimum health. Once you determine your source, then you need to figure out how much of it you will need to drink: are you using it for daily health maintenance, or to help alleviate the effects of cancer, autism (see our blog on the cancer autism link), diabetes, or other illness or disease? As part of our health coaching, we advise people to use more of the organic kefir probiotic drink produced with our Super Immune Activator if they are suffering from the heavier, more chronic, or “terminal” diseases. These can include intestinal or bowel diseases, cancers of all types, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Diabetes, and really all major diseases and illnesses.

Because all illness and disease is really symptomatic of other things, like overall diet and lifestyle, belief systems and emotional health (yes, 90% or more of how disease takes hold is mental and emotional), and other habits. Yes, it is possible to reverse the effects of even 3rd and 4th stage cancer with an organic kefir probiotic drink. Don’t believe us? Just ask the Indian and Tibetan yogis and farmers of the Himalayan Mountains region what raw milk kefir grains can do to preserve health. Go ask the people of the Caucasus Mountains region (who routinely live to well over 100 years, disease-free) in present-day southwestern Russia if they would ever eliminate raw milk kefir from their diet.

Yeah, right.

Young woman from the Caucasus Mountains region in radiant health and youthful vigor due to organic kefir milk.

Woman from the Caucasus Mountains region enjoying radiant health and youthful vigor partly due to organic kefir milk. (Photo credit: Real History WW)

The History of Kefir

Kefir dates back many centuries to the shepherds of the Caucasus mountains. They discovered that fresh milk carried in leather pouches would occasionally ferment into an effervescent beverage.

In the Caucasian Mountains, legend has it that the resulting kefir “grains” (not really a true grain) were a gift to Orthodox people from Mohammed, who instructed them on how to use the grains. Mohammed strictly forbade them from giving away the secret of kefir preparation to other people, or pass anyone kefir grains, because they would lose their “magic strength.” The legend explains why kefir grains and the method for kefir preparation have been surrounded by mystery for so long.

For most of recorded history, kefir was scarcely known outside the Caucasian Mountains, although Marco Polo mentioned it in recounting his travels [as he undoubtedly knew where to buy kefir grains and enjoy an organic kefir probiotic drink]..

This self-carbonated dairy-based beverage continues to be popular in Russia, southwestern Asia and Eastern and Northern Europe, and has recently gained some popularity in the United States.

How Kefir is Produced

Basically, kefir is made by fermentation of the “kefir grains”, which resembles miniature cauliflowers that are the size of wheat kernels. These grains consist of casein and gelatinous colonies of microorganisms that are grown together symbiotically. The dominant microflora are Saccharomyces kefir, Torula kefir, Lactobacillus caucasicus, Leuconnostoc species and lactic streptococci. In addition, some yeast is present.These many beneficial microorganisms are what separates kefir from virtually all other cultured milk products, which typically use only one, and rarely more than three species in the culturing process. These microorganisms produce a variety of changes in the milk.

Organic Kefir Health Benefits

The organic kefir health benefits are many. For one, the cultures’ chemical changes make the milk much easier to digest, allowing the body to absorb more of the naturally present nutrients. The transformation of lactose to lactic acid allows people, even those with lactose intolerance, to digest kefir and get its full benefits. Kefir is high in calcium, amino acids, B-vitamins and folic acid. Kefir can play a vital role in the development of a healthy digestive tract in babies, as it protects against negative effects of radiation and helps improve the immune system. Kefir’s friendly cultures also produce specific antibiotic substances which can control undesirable microorganisms and act as anti-carcinogenic factors.

Kefir also helps to enhance bowel function and control candida – a condition where there is an excessive growth of yeast cells. In reference to Candida, Dr. Orla-Jenson, a noted Danish bacteriologist specializing in dairy research states that “Kefir digests yeast cells and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora“.

Elie Metchnikoff made important discoveries about the health benefits of kefir.

Nobel Prize-winning researcher Elie Metchnikoff, who made important discoveries about the health benefits of kefir.

An international Nobel prize winning researcher, Elie Metchnikoff (1908) found that kefir activates the flow of saliva, most likely due to its lactic acid content and its slight amount of carbonation. Kefir stimulates peristalsis and digestive juices in the intestinal tract. For these reasons it is recommended as a postoperative food since most abdominal operations cause the bowels to stop contracting and pushing food along (peristalsis).

Organic kefir’s unique properties include its use as a remedy for digestive problems because of its very low curd tension, meaning that the curd breaks up very easily into extremely small particles. The curd of yogurt, on the other hand, holds together or breaks up into lumps. The small size of the kefir curd facilitates digestion by presenting a large surface for digestion agents to work on. In addition, kefir possesses mild laxative properties. It is also recommended to restore the intestinal flora of people who are recovering from a serious illness or being treated with antibiotics.

Kefir is predigested due to the fermentation process rendering itself tolerable to those persons who can not tolerate dairy products.

The story of kefir is littered with distinction: a 2,000 year history (some claim it goes back much further than that), a mention by Marco Polo, and, in the 1980s, a symbolic gift exchanged between superpowers at the end of the cold war.

Kefir is a fermented milk product containing live probiotic organisms and rich in nutrients required by the body: proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is produced by adding a fermented grain culture to milk.

In addition to beneficial bacteria and yeast, kefir contains minerals and essential amino acids that help the body with healing and maintenance functions. The complete proteins in kefir are partially digested and therefore more easily utilized by the body. Tryptophan, one of the essential amino acids abundant in kefir, is well known for its relaxing effect on the nervous system. Because kefir also offers an abundance of calcium and magnesium, which are also important minerals for a healthy nervous system, kefir in the diet can have a particularly profound calming effect on the nerves. Kefir’s ample supply of phosphorus, the second most abundant mineral in our bodies, helps utilize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for cell growth, maintenance and energy.


OUr GcMAF-rich raw milk kefir probiotic drink with kefir grains jar

Our GcMAF-rich raw milk kefir probiotic drink with kefir grains jar

Kefir is rich in Vitamin B12, B1, and Vitamin K. It is an excellent source of biotin, a B Vitamin which aids the body’s assimilation of other B Vitamins, such as folic acid, pantothenic acid, and B12. The numerous benefits of maintaining adequate B vitamin intake range from regulation of the kidneys, liver and nervous system to helping relieve skin disorders, boost energy and promote longevity.

The benefits of consuming kefir regularly in the diet are numerous. Easily digested, it cleanses the intestines, provides beneficial bacteria and yeast, vitamins and minerals, and complete proteins. Because organic kefir is such a balanced and nourishing food, it contributes to a healthy immune system and has been used to help patients suffering from AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, and cancer. Its tranquilizing effect on the nervous system has benefited many who suffer from sleep disorders, depression, and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

The regular use of kefir can help relieve all intestinal disorders, promote bowel movement, reduce flatulence and create a healthier digestive system. In addition, its cleansing effect on the whole body helps to establish a balanced inner ecosystem for optimum health and longevity.

An kefir probiotic drink can also help eliminate unhealthy food cravings by making the body more nourished and balanced. Its excellent nutritional content offers healing and health-maintenance benefits to people in every type of condition.

Produced in ancient times by nomadic shepherds in the Balkans, kefir was little known in the West for 1,900 years, despite being mentioned by Marco Polo. Then, by order of the Russian Czar, it was brought to Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century and became popular in many parts of Europe. (Source credit: Coproweb.Free.Fr)

Don’t Fall for the Raw Milk Propaganda!

People all over the world have understood the great benefit of raw milk kefir probiotics for many millennia. It’s only in the last century or two that modern man has lost sight of the gifts of Mother Nature which bestow optimum health. It’s been a no-brainer for people who understand what raw milk probiotics can do — and an issue of great ignorance for those who believe corporate-media hype and propaganda about raw milk and kefir grains. We get calls from people saying, “I’ve been told that I should look into where to buy kefir grains and make my own raw milk kefir, but…I also hear a lot of negative things about raw milk.”

Well, what can we tell you who are riding the fence between enlightenment and health and ignorance and dis-ease? We tell you to get off the fence, come over to the side of healthy enlightenment, and cure yourself of disease with a raw milk kefir probiotic drink like the one our Super Immune Activator kit with GcMAF can give you. We will show you how to make kefir at home with our accompanying instructional brochure and free 15-minute consultation when you purchase one of our kits for just $163.79!


Some of you have lots of questions about raw milk kefir probiotics, such as: Should I drink kefir on an empty stomach?

Absolutely! Our organic kefir probiotic drink is a complete, whole, natural food product. In fact, it works better when taken on an empty stomach as opposed to with meals.

The Super Immune Activator kit is a probiotic supplement and an alternative cancer treatment that works

Our Super Immune Activator kit contains raw milk kefir grains, organic bovine colostrum powder, Vitamin D3/K2, and our proprietary blend of ultra-concentrated probiotic powder.

Where to Buy Kefir Grains at a Super-Low Price

We sell milk kefir grains as part of our Super Immune Activator kit, giving you all the makings of a highly-effective probiotic milk kefir recipe for long life and good health! We even make special exceptions for certain of our customers and health coaching clients, allowing them (you) to buy the 1 oz. jar of milk kefir grains separately, if need be. We work with you through the process of procuring the raw milk kefir probiotic drink through our online store, and provide consulting on how to make raw milk kefir with colostrum, vitamin D3/K2, and our Quantum Probiotic Blend.

Probiotics like raw milk kefir detox the body of bad gut flora. and help with natural pain relief.

Our organic raw milk kefir grains, which can make you a kefir probiotic drink in approx. a day or two!

With Living Technologies it’s easier than ever to get kefir starter grains and begin receiving the kefir nutrition these amazing little children of Mother Nature can offer. Did you know that the kefir grains we maintain and sell come from a mother culture that’s over thousands of years old (and which have been harnessed by humans in earnest for about 2,000 years)? That’s one continuous, unbroken line of probiotic potency that comes to you down from ages past. Just imagine it! People in the 2nd millennium B.C.E. preparing and enjoying basically the same exact organic kefir probiotic drink you’ll be having (well, almost).

So, let us be your source for where to buy kefir grains at the best price and potency, so you can get started in a few days from ordering your Super Immune Activator making an organic kefir probiotic drink loaded with GcMAF that’s causing some amazing health turnarounds and stellar 5-star testimonials on how well this kefir drink of ours really works!








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