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Nagalase Autism Cancer Link Demands New Solutions Like GcMAF

Nagalase Autism Cancer Link Demands New Solutions Like GcMAF

The nagalase autism cancer link demands we find new cures, such as GcMAF and probiotics.

Nagalase Autism Cancer Link Demands New Solutions Like GcMAF

Anyone who’s “quick on the uptake” and has a brain and eyes enough to know what’s going on these days is well aware that there are many vicious conspiracies against our health today. None of these is more vicious and virulent than the conspiracy against human health involved with vaccinations — and, specifically the nagalase autism cancer link that demands we find new cures, such as GcMAF, allowing us to heal disease naturally.

Because, like it or not, we are now at war with those who would have us spend short lives sick and dependent on pharmaceutical drugs, doctors, and hospital clinics — rather than take charge of our own health and welfare. And, what many people are discovering, is that GcMAF is not a drug or manufactured supplement — it’s something produced naturally by the human body, like DMT. There are many devious ways that the death cultists suppress our natural immune responses in favor of those things that make us chronically sick. They can smear propaganda and misinformation all over the truth, but like invisible ink, it fades to nothingness in the light.

Why is Nagalase in Vaccines?

Good question. Many health conspiracy followers and independent researchers would say that the only reason for there being nagalase in vaccines is to actually weaken the auto-immune response and the body’s natural mechanisms (much stronger and effective than corporate pharmaceutical injections), and thereby help produce the conditions in the human body that cause autism, cancer, Alzheimer’s and a slew of other avoidable, preventable diseases.

The nagalase autism cancer connection cannot be refuted by those who’ve done serious, independent medical research, such as Health Ranger Mike Adams (, Dr. Mercola, and many others (some having been murdered — or, suicided, rather — because of the threat their work posed to the Big Pharma big-profit hegemony).

Fact: Nagalase suppresses the body’s own production of GcMAF, which helps keep cells and the immune system healthy and in good working order.

Here is an excerpt from a May 2017 article on

Nagalase: The Cause of Autism

Revolutionary suppressed treatment, GcMAF, has the potential to reverse cancer, autism, HIV, liver/kidney disease and diabetes as well as promote proper immunity function.

I have written previous articles observing heavy metals’ and more specifically mercury’s role in the onset of autism spectrum disorders, but another huge factor is at play too; that factor is nagalase which works with heavy metals to cause lasting damages. Nagalase is a dangerous protein generated by viruses, bacteria and cancers; our bodies should be dealing with this autonomously through macrophages, which play an important anti-inflammatory role, but vaccines are becoming the roadblocks to the success of this natural defence mechanism, read on to find out why:

Nagalese blocks the GC protein from attaching itself to vitamin D, thus preventing the immune system from doing its job and therefore causing cancer and other serious diseases. Without an active immune system, cancer and viral infections can spread rapidly.

Gc-Protein is a “Macrophage-Activating Factor”, abbreviated as “MAF”

The GcMAF cycle is shown, where the nagalase autism cancer connection is clear.

Macrophages, or ‘big-eaters’ from their Greek derived name, are large white blood cells from monocytes, and are crucial to an overall robust immunity. Macrophages release cytokines which deal with infection, immune responses, inflammation, trauma, sepsis, cancer via tumour necrosis factor, and reproduction; mass inflammation being a hallmark of autism. They are also constantly eliminating pathogens and toxins around the body.

Nagalase inactivates these crucial macrophages (you can watch a video of this here).

Autism is a relatively new condition, as is cancer – and there is a cause of this emergence; vaccine ingredients, including the nagalase protein introduced on a widespread level over the past few decades, blocks the immune system from adequately functioning. The result of this is massive, entire-body inflammation, and because of this, a body that ‘attacks’ itself in perpetual defense-mode hysteria, a factor common in autoimmune diseases.

Nagalase has immune-suppression properties which makes sense why those with cancer or children with ASD have elevated levels.

In the opinion of First Immune Biotech, Autism tends to be caused by the MMR vaccine and other vaccines putting viruses and mercury into children. A shortage of lipids may contribute. Another Italian court has awarded €178,000 against the government to a family who’s child contracted autism from [the] MMR [vaccine].

These viruses sabotage the immune system by sending out nagalase to prevent the production of the child’s GcMAF, and therefore become chronic.

[Read more at]

How To Remove Nagalase From The Body

So, you’ve done your research and have discovered that recent medical studies have found that a common thread all autistic children and autism spectrum disorder sufferers tested showed elevated levels of nagalase in their bloodstreams. This is the breakthrough that parents of autistic children and sufferers of diseases like cancer, Epstein-Barr, Guillain-Barre and a host of other mysteriously devastating illnesses have been waiting for. Because, it appears nagalase isn’t the only common thread element found in vaccines bridging the gap between debilitating disease sufferers, vaccinations, and even “vaccine shedding” (aka viral shedding), whereby disease is actually found to be spread predominantly through the vaccines, not through airborne “delivery”.

“Yeah, that makes total sense,” you’re thinking. Yes, it explains a great deal when we consider how much deadly disease has spiked in recent decades with the (in some states mandatory) ramping-up of vaccination schedules.

So, what’s the answer? A full nagalase detox that enzyme activators such as GcMAF can deliver. GcMAF has been

found to be a kind of holy grail-like panacea that many naturopaths have sacrificed their lives to bring awareness on. By the way, we at Living Technologies have what’s known as a “dead man’s trigger” that will cause about 50 of our closest friends, family, and associates (plus the many clients who will continue to seek it out and use it and spread it) to take up our cause to heal disease naturally and help remedy the nagalase autism cancer scourge. So, if we’re suddenly taken out, you will know, and we will be yet more proof that those who crusade in the name of helping others heal disease naturally have become regular, routine sacrifices to Satan’s empire of lies, deadly vaccinations, and deadly disease.

So, you need to know how to remove nagalase from your body. But, it’s only one health detractor among a m

myriad of free radicals and deliberate poisons like vaccine adjuvants, chemtrail toxins, EMFs and EMR (electromagnetic frequencies and electromagnetic radiation), GMO “food,” and many others. If you don’t believe there is a campaign in full swing to deprive you of your health and life to profit a few pharmaceutical companies — you need to re-check your facts.

Step 1: Get a nagalase test kit, or have your blood tested for nagalase by a medical lab.

Step 2: Find out where and how to increase GcMAF naturally an

the nagalase autism cancer link can be mitigated with a nagalase test kit and GcMAF.

d where to buy GcMAF (we can help with that!).

Step 3: Begin to elevate your natural levels of GcMAF vitamin D and macrophage potency through products like our probiotic-rich, raw milk kefir-based Super Immune Activator kit and MirorCore EPF, a powerful but gentle herbal detoxification supplement.

We understand, you still have questions such as:

How much does GcMAF cost?

I don’t know how to make GcMAF easily, how do I do it?

What’s the latest news on GcMAF?

Well, we can answer all of the above and more for you. Our super-probiotic nagalase autism cancer reduction kit has worked wonders with a number of people in just over a year of us developing it. Just read the overwhelming number of testimonials on this product and other remedies for disease we sell.

GcMAF: Breaking the Nagalase Autism Cancer Link 

With our Super Immune Activator kit, you can reverse autoimmune disease, and defeat the insidious nagalase autism cancer connection. It’s also how to cure Parkinson disease, and how to get rid of autoimmune diseases permanently — provided you keep up on your raw milk kefir probiotics regimen (our Super Immune Activator provides roughly a 6 month supply, at an incredibly low price of $177 with domestic shipping; and just $191 in California!)

How could that not be an extremely attractive offer, considering that conventional cancer treatment in an oncology clinic costs, on average, $50,000 to $100,000 per person — with a very low survival rate!

The answer to how to reduce nagalase is clear: The global conspiracy against human health involved with vaccinations sheds light on the deliberate, systematic nagalase autism cancer connection, demanding that we find and apply new cures, such as enabling the body’s own natural production of GcMAF.



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