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Natural Cures for Cancer, Diabetes, and Other Disease Exist

Natural Cures for Cancer, Diabetes, and Other Disease Exist

Someone wise once said, “worrying about getting cancer causes tumors”. This statement hints at the psychosomatic nature of many of our illnesses. Our mindset accounts for much of it, but diet and nutrition makes up much of the rest of it. We know that there are natural cures for cancer, diabetes, and other diseases, so why are people so stubbornly resisting them? Is it a subconscious wish not to heal, aka a death wish? In this insane world it’s not surprising that people are resisting natural cancer cures (like our GcMAF-rich raw milk kefir drink), actually. But, for those of us who are soldiering onward in the face of draconian hostility, lies, and other abuses where concern the “powers that be” in relation to human health. Nature’s cures for disease of all types are one of our only hopes for sane and healthy living.

Because, as they say, “healthy body, healthy mind,” and, we might add, healthy emotional and spiritual bodies, too. To our way of thinking, health begins in the body, which is the temple and repository touching upon the others. You could make an argument for yoga and meditation being a good way into a healthy body, but we would say yes, do that, too! Health and healing has to be holistic in approach, i.e. you can’t do yoga and meditation and eat McDonald’s, and, by turns, you can’t just spend thousands on Mother Nature’s best cures for disease and let your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies go to pot.

Turmeric is only one of many natural cancer cures.

Developing Natural Cancer Cures and Much More

We at Living Technologies are dedicated to getting the public at large some of Mother Nature’s best disease-fighting substances. We are expanding our sights into fermented foods, botanicals, the fungi kingdom, and elsewhere looking for the natural cures for cancer and disease that exist in nascent, raw form, and need to be cultivated, refined, and formulated into healing elixirs of varying potency, flavor, and efficacy. We are forever broadening our own knowledge-base so that we can wisely embark on developing just the right formulas for just the right reasons. This has thus far included things like our ultra-probiotic raw milk kefir with GcMAF, our total detoxification formulas, phytonutrition (plant-based nutrients), medicinal mushrooms, high ORMUS minerals, and parasite cleanses, among other things.

Indeed, it is Mother Nature who “develops” the natural cures for cancer, diabetes cures, etc., simply by being who and what She, or It, is. And this points up the fact that it is simply by our recognizing ipso facto what it is and what it’s offering to us that we begin on the road to eternal good health. The next step is to forego unnatural foods and diets and completely (or at least mostly) embrace our Mother’s menu and work it into our daily lives.  Those who can keep to this habit and, for instance, avoid chain grocery stores in favor of farmer’s markets, and, in more urgent cases where diseases like diabetes and cancer are involved, take things like our probiotic raw milk kefir drink. ORMUS minerals, medicinal mushrooms, bovine colostrum, essential micro-minerals, and much more.

natural cures for cancer do exist!

Natural Cures for Cancer That Work

Whenever anyone goes in search of these natural cancer cures, they are, quite understandably, eager to know, “Are there natural cures for cancer that work?” We’ve all seen examples of charlatans who peddle a cure for cancer but it turns out to be witch-doctor voodoo or, simply just untruth in advertising. We believe this accounts for why so many still gravitate to mainstream medicine, which claims to peddle a “cure for cancer” in the form of deadly chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiomimetic drugs, and toxic pharmaceuticals in general. We need to collectively dispense with the misapprehension that mainstream medical science wants any of us cured, completely, for good. They in fact want to keep us in a state of perpetual sickness, always in need of the next “cure,” usually in the form of a pharmaceutical pill.

Please note the Greek root origins and meanings for “pharmaceutical” — “pharmakos” literally means, “ritual human sacrifice”. “Pharmakeia” likewise means “drug sorcery”. And, do you believe these definitions don’t, or can’t, apply these days to what “Big Pharma” is doing to millions if not billions of people? Oddly ironic that a word for where many whole foods can come from, “farm,” has phonetic resonance with the word for that which destroys life through drug administration, “pharmaceutical”, don’t you think?

Our Super Immune Activator is what you would call a formulated natural cancer cure that simply took the brilliant eye of an adept healer to recognize and pull together disparate elements which, when used in concert together, present a powerful counteractive blow to cancer, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other illnesses. The way it does this is incredibly simple: it tells the cells of your body to engage in healthy cell replication and cell death (apoptosis). The GcMAF in it counteracts the deadly effects of nagalase in vaccines, and helps the body build the immunoglobulin compounds and immune response it requires to fight off viruses and disease  in general.

cancer cells destroyed by GcMAF cancer cure

What is GcMAF?

Function, biological and pharmacological properties of Gc-globulin and Gc-MAF: The vitamin D-binding protein (DBP) Gc-globulin (human group-specific component), in addition to the storage and transport of vitamin D, has an important physiological function as a scavenger of extracellular G-actin to increase neutrophil chemotaxis and macrophage activation (). Studies have shown that Gc- globulin is a protein with a structure similar to albumin that is a receptor of active vitamin D3 (). Gc- globulin plays a role in immune system regulation, osteoclastic activity and as a primary defense against infectious factors such as immunodeficiency virus and sepsis. Gc-globulin when modified is capable of affecting the activation and fortification of immune cells exhibiting anticancer activity. These molecules activate macrophages after deglycosylation through β-galactosidase and sialidase of the B and T lymphocytes, respectively. This product supports phagocyte, superoxidase and immunopotentiatory activity of Gc-MAF (group specific component-macrophage activating factor.

Macrophages activated by Gc-MAF offer different properties that are effective against a variety of cancers in human and animal models (). Moreover, phenotypes of Gc-globulin influence the MAF levels in serum () and activate mouse peritoneal macrophages (). Previous studies have confirmed that Gc as a precursor to Gc-MAF is considerably non-specific or even completely deglycosylated in cancer patients.

For some a bit too scientific an explanation, but you get the flavor.

The Journal of Immunology publishes proof that GcMAF greatly improves Autism symptoms.

Call us, chat online with us using our Chatra app, email us at, or simply peruse our website and discover the natural cures for cancer that exist, and that can be attained with our help. No longer do you need to suffer senselessly the brutal, medieval dictates and wares of mainstream medicine — you can, for a surprisingly low cost, have natural cancer cures like our ultra-probiotic GcMAF raw milk kefir product. Don’t wait for optimum health to come to you….embrace it now!

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