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Natural Pain Relief Products Abound with Living Technologies

Natural Pain Relief Products Abound with Living Technologies

How Our Natural Pain Relief Products Are Helping Folks Around the World

How many people out there are suffering pain but don’t want to take the pharmaceuticals anymore, or at all? There are millions of us (perhaps more) who want and need natural pain relief products that won’t cost an arm and a leg, and which, most importantly, will be easy on their body due to being natural, whole food-extracted nutritional supplements. Where can you get all natural pain relief products for joint pain, for one?

Rest easy. Your search is over — Living Technologies has some amazing products that are helping people with detoxification, stress relief, weight loss, better sleep, major illness mitigation, and natural pain relief via a host of Mother Nature’s finest gifts. We don’t purport to make any claims to heal disease — we leave that to Mother Earth, the greatest and most ubiquitous healer known to humankind. But, we do purport to having a line-up of amazing whole food-based products and health-bettering devices, even, such as orgonite pendants (which greatly mitigate the pain of EMFs and microwave radiation), Amethyst Richway BioMats, and much more.

Get all natural pain releif products for joint pain relief and more.

People around the world have discovered the natural pain relief products available from our online store — and they keep coming back for more. Why? Well, it’s generally to try as many of our products as they can — or, they have one or a few special, natural pain relievers (or natural stress relievers, natural sleep aids, etc.) they like, and they know they can get them here for the best price on the Net.

But, we get the same feeling of satisfaction knowing that certain of our whole food health supplements have done the trick and have trained the body back to its own healing and pain relief capabilities.

Making Natural Pain Relief Affordable and Easy

Many of our products aren’t sold as “natural pain relievers” yet based on the feedback, research, and general information about these products, they end up indirectly being a chronic pain relief tonic due to alleviating a lot of things going on in the body that loosen up such indirect and direct causes of pain.

For instance, our Super Immune Activator with probiotics, blended with raw milk kefir acts well as a natural joint pain relief supplement by kicking out the bad bacteria and restoring the gut flora. How is there a pain relief connection between restoring gut flora and joint pain relief, you ask? Well, everything is connected, right, especially in the human body. So, giving back your body’s disease-fighting ability is, by proxy, a restoration of your pain-fighting abilities. There are literally tons of scientific and scholarly papers on the link between probiotics and pain relief, but for now we’ll just give you a link to go read for yourself some of the evidence when you have time.

Oh, yes, the “affordable and easy” part. Our probiotic Super Immune Activator with raw milk kefir grains included and designed to boost or reinstate your body’s ability to absorb and produce GcMAF is our flagship product, and this 6-9 month supply (provided you use it in the suggested way) sells for under $200! This proprietary probiotic blend comes in a kit that we call Super Immune Activator because it greatly boosts immune systems in people with immunodeficiency and who need some help fighting off disease (and pain, by proxy)!

Our orgonite pendants also help as natural pain relief products.

Our orgonite pendants also help as natural pain relievers by shielding you from EMFs.

More (Direct and Indirect) Pain Relief Products

Again, we stress that we aren’t necessarily characterizing any of our products as “pain relief products” per se, but instead we are demonstrating how, by ameliorating one area of physical health, you are, usually, contributing to, for instance, natural pain relief for arthritis. We offer a perfect alternative to other non narcotic chronic pain relievers (by name) which have failed people’s health by being cheaply-made over-the-counter medications (like ibuprofin) which only mask symptoms for a little while, and ultimately create a worse health situation.

Some of our best-selling products that are, indirectly, also natural pain relief products include:

Pretty much everything we sell is designed to protect you from something that causes pain, inflammation, stress, toxicity, or other deleterious symptom of modern, unnatural lifestyles. From Chinese herbs for pain relief to probiotics for natural pain relief for arthritis, to daily use of trace minerals to restore your body’s ability to fight pain — Living Technologies is amassing a serious arsenal in the war against pain, disease, and even aging.

Oh yes, we will also soon be selling C60 oil (aka Carbon 60, or Buckminsterfullerene) which has shown distinct natural pain relief properties — along with detox, sleep aid, and energy-boosting capabilities. Our proprietary blend of C60 oil is currently being perfected and we will let you know shortly when it will be available.

We use all natural painkillers fromMother Nature as well as our own proprietary chronic pain relief products.

Get Natural Pain Relief Products That Work

In addition to Mother Nature’s cupboard-full of natural whole-food remedies, such as garlic, turmeric, ginger, horseradish, blueberries, and cloves — we have natural pain remedies you may or may not have heard of. We think you too will find our natural pain relief products to be highly effective in winning the battle against pain and helping to restore quality of life to those who’ve long gone without it.

We at Living Technologies guarantee that any and all of our whole food, plant-based natural pain relief products will work for you — or your money back. Luckily, we haven’t had to refund many of you — and certainly not due to the products themselves inherently not working. One look at our testimonials page tells the tale. The bottom line with us is, we are health coaches who work with you to gain the best results — and we don’t quit until you receive the end goal, e.g. joint pain relief, natural pain remedy for whatever reason, or just plain improved overall health. We salute your good health and wellness!












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