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Our Health Coaching Will Help You Determine the Right Supplement Course

Our Health Coaching Will Help You Determine the Right Supplement Course

15 Minutes of Health Coaching Could Mean a Lifetime of Clarity

There are a good handful of our customers out there who are having some issues determining what dietary supplements and serving schedule is right for them. Our “Disease-Free Life Coaching” aka Health Coaching can greatly help you in narrowing-down exactly which of our many health supplements and life-enhancing products will work best for you. We base our recommendations (in part) on 1) any current health conditions you are experiencing; 2) your age, exercise routine, and general lifestyle; and, 3) your mental, emotional, and spiritual attitude or state of wellness.

Radiate optimum health and wellness with our health coaching services!

And although many of you, our much-appreciated client base, generally know what you need, order it, and come back for more when need be — there still is a faction of you who could perhaps do with a health coaching session, via our Disease-Free Life Coaching service. It’s super-easy, and will quickly help you determine which whole food health supplements and products will best avail you the optimum health and wellness you’re seeking! Just click the button named Disease-Free Life Coaching to get started booking a session with Sonia, our superstar in the area of “Quantum Health Coaching”!

To be sure, a mere 15 minutes of our life, health, and nutrition coaching could get you a far better picture of what’s truly ailing you, and how best to go about fixing it. (Although we will say that 15 minutes isn’t enough for some to get a full and complete picture — most of our clients end up booking 60 or even 90 minutes in order to get to the “heart of the matter”.) It’s really all up to you and how much you want to put into the effort of taking your health and wellness back.

Do I Need a Health Coach?

You might be asking yourself this question — and if you are, you have one of the best, most qualified experts in the field of herbalism, nutrition, homeopathy, and holistic healing — our founder, Sonia. Her expertise in these areas has helped thousands to forego expensive, useless “medical treatments” in favor of relatively cheap cures for major illnesses which we simply broker by way of Mother Nature. She gets all the credit — or, should. We’re just agents of good health and healthy lifestyle changes — and, short of that, we can get you some highly-effective products to keep in your refrigerator or cupboard that will keep “dis-ease” at bay.

Our philosophy on this matter is simple: Get people (from all backgrounds, income brackets, and walks of life) the alternative healing, optimum health-inducing products they need, and for a fraction of the cost of mainstream medical “care” (the only thing they “care” about is big profits and keeping you sick and drug-addled enough to keep you coming back and filling their pockets more — until you die, that is).

So, the bottom line is, for much, MUCH less than you would be dishing out to uncaring medical practitioners (some are forking over up to $30,000 per month for chemotherapy and radiation — by contrast, our Super Immune Activator kit retails at $163.79) you can have more than a fighting chance at reversing so-called “terminal” illnesses and diseases of all types, and even halt them altogether.

hope for healing a child with autism with health supplements is here.

A Health and Wellness Coach Who Cares

The terms “health care” and/or “healthcare” are extremely misapplied in our current medical system, as so many of you have found out. In seeking those alternative healers who truly do care (like us — Sonia is a certified “curandera” (shamanic healer) and works with her partner Chris who is also a remote viewer and energetic healer), the discerning mind of the health and wellness seeker must sift through the charlatans to get to the “real deal”. So, the idea of true caring and healing in our culture has been long overdue in becoming “the norm”. Well, it may never get to be exactly “the norm,” but for those willing to look for us out on the fringes of the offline and online marketplace, we’re here, and we truly do care about your perpetual good health!

So, we offer the health coaching services side by side with the finest organic health supplements to be found, right here on Living Technologies. You see, we practice what we preach in a thoroughgoing way because we ourselves had profound health epiphanies involving each and every one of these products. Each one was either developed or sought out by us because we kept seeing the great need for them as health coaches in our work, or we personally needed to take these products as part of our own health and wellness regimen.

We’re saying all this because there may be some of you out there who are leery of those who would sell or suggest products they themselves purvey. We understand how that may look to some, but consider this — why should you care if we are steering you to Mother Earth’s finest offerings for a song, and which are routinely retraining people’s bodies, restoring beneficial gut flora, and re-energizing and revitalizing cellular activity to the point that disease (and even in some cases aging) is reversed? And, if there happens to be a product out there that better suits one of our clients, we’ll send them that direction — most of our 116 products came to be sold through our platform because of that very scenario: the general need out there for health supplements that can best obviate so-called “common illnesses” and diseases.

Health coaches like Dr. Simoncini are on the front lines of how to cure cancer.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini, health coaching expert and a strong advocate of the fungal theory in relation to cancer.

What Is a Health Coach?

You already have a good idea of what a health coach is and does, so maybe this question should be, “What should a health coach be, and do?” We believe a health coach should offer health coaching services at the most reasonable rate, and not waste any of the client’s time or money. What this means for us at Living Technologies is that we strive to get at the heart of your health issue and determine the proper course of action in order to alleviate it — in the shortest time-frame possible.

We’ve each had the best teachers as energetic healers and health coaches — people who acted as paragons of the wellness coaching model, such as Andrew Weil, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Mercola, and many others whose nutrition coaching and health and wellness research books line our shelves. But, in the end, it’s personal experience that counts, even more than the professional accolades. It’s the personal, first-hand anecdotes that people relate to — not framed certificates and a lot of quasi-scientific (or even true scientific) jargon. Our customer base is growing fast, and it’s made up of the kind of open-minded people we love working with and who want the bare-bones facts, not a lot of doctored-up hooey and empty promises (we do weed out the few trolls that visit us — sorry!).

True health coaching must take into account a person’s entire being (the holistic health manifesto, if you will) and act as Hippocrates would (and did), by allowing “food to be thy medicine, and medicine to be thy food” (to paraphrase this pioneer in modern medicine. You cannot be a healthy person and have a crap diet — but spend a bunch of money on health supplements — and expect to live a long life. You’ve heard it time and again, but it bears repeating — it takes a sea-change in your diet, lifestyle, and mental and emotional bearing. It takes seeing how you went left of course and righting your own ship and setting a new course towards the you that you’ve envisioned, but haven’t known how best to realize.

Be Disease-Free with Our Brand of Life Coaching

Our “Disease-Free Life Coaching” aka Quantum Health Coaching can greatly help you in discovering exactly what kind of health regimen coupled with one or more of our many health supplements and life-enhancing products will work best for you. Suffer no more the sins of a barbarous medical industry, and instead take control of your health and wellness — and do it all while on a budget, because our dedication is to sharing good health principles far and wide with those who most need it, not to the almighty dollar.










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