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Probiotics, Detoxification, and Mineralization

Probiotics, Detoxification, and Mineralization

What a breakout year 2018 has been! Not only for us, but for the many of you who have discovered better health and how to keep it. You have discovered — among other natural substances to guarantee optimum health — probiotics, detoxification, and mineralization as three of the keys to better health. Our ultra-probiotic Super Immune Activator kit has been selling like hotcakes all year long, and for good reason. It works! We use the “teach a man (or woman) to fish” wisdom and show our customers how they can cultivate their own kefir grains in raw milk and make their Super Immune Activator last for the long haul.

With these vital 3 components to better health, you will keep the specter of disease away and live a much longer and more fruitful life. But, there’s so much more in our cupboard we want you to discover! There’s our line-up of medicinal mushrooms, our line of PuraDyme digestive enzymes and probiotic formulas; 10 ppm and 30 ppm colloidal silver from SilverBiotics, and much more. There’s also our line of Omica Himalayan shilajit,with three potent formulas designed for high-ORMUS mineralization, our Chinese herbal formulas, and our latest addition to our Living Technologies store, the Nanotech and Chemtrail detox kits.

We will continue to innovate and introduce new products in 2019 — whether proprietary or through partner affiliates — and bring vital health solutions to the marketplace.

We do rely on client input as well to help us stay on the leading edge of online supplements and other optimum health products. Please give us your feedback and reviews on the product pages, as well as reach out and drop some site or product suggestions in the hat.

We want to wholeheartedly thank all of our Living Technologies clients, both old and new, and wish you all the best of health with probiotics, detoxification, mineralization, and much more where concerns Mother Nature’s wellness secrets!




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