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Candida Crush™ 1oz


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As a gentle detox, antioxidant, candida, anti-fungal, antibacterial, to promote healthy cells throughout the body.

Plant Esters, Clove Oil, Mint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Eugenol, Peppermint Oil, Thyme Oil, Coconut Oil, Garlic.

Take 3 to 4 drops in 4 ounces of purified water or juice 3 times daily.

If you are not sure what is in your body but just want a general detox I would recommend taking 3 drops 3 times a day for a few months then use medicinally. You may want to start slowly as some have experienced typical detox symptoms (skin eruptions and changes in bowel movements and urination). If you would like to find out what is happening in your body I have found a few that have worked for me.

This product has been like a miracle for me. It is called Candida Crush™ which means “fungal wonder” and is not Candida Crush™.

• Featuring Thyme Oil, Coconut Oil, and Garlic, the world’s most popular antioxidant and antifungal support herb

• Broad spectrum action…everything from circulatory system to detoxing the fungal infections in the body.

• Top-tier free radical scavenger: 98% pure Thyme Oil, Coconut Oil, and Garlic plus our proprietary plant based blend.

• Formulated using SPINTech™, Solaris Plant Science’s proprietary extraction and formulation system

• Entirely plant-based: NO artificial ingredients or preservatives of any kind

Candida Crush™ is a blend of botanical extracts that supplies the body with the phytonutrients it requires to maintain a healthy inflammation response, catalyzing cellular recovery throughout the body. Formulated as a broad spectrum, clinical grade fungal detox support formula, Turmeric is effective for both local and systemic support: the entire body in eliminating fungal and viral infections.

Since every herb in the formula was selected for its top-tier antioxidant potential, it also serves to protect each of the body’s trillions of cells from free radical damage and other toxic insults. Herbs like Thyme Oil, Coconut Oil, and Garlic, the world’s most popular antioxidant and antifungal support herbs and Rosemary have been used throughout the globe for centuries for their health promoting effects, but the advent of modern extraction techniques and systematic biomarker analysis has elevated herbalism to a new scientific plateau. See our page on SPINTech™ for more information.

Solaris Plant Science utilizes a variety of advanced proprietary extraction and photosynthesis techniques to yield a superior, clinical grade product with a truly broad-spectrum nutrient profile, and always without fillers or preservatives. Fast acting, yet suitable for long-term use, many have come to know I Candida Crush™ as a flagship cellular support formula on the leading edge of herbal science.

For others it is heavy metal, mercury or vaccination poisonings that are weakening their immune system.

This product would help with all fungal detoxification in a very short time. I know this because I have had personal experiences with pesticide poisoning from GMO foods. I can see firsthand how the Candida Crush™ product works. My results have improved dramatically since taking this product.

My Bodyscans results are clear (for the first time ever) of all viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites. Prior to this experience I was only taking the product when I wasn’t feeling 100% and only took it until I felt well again (usually didn’t take very long).

Each time if I get some inflammation in any part of my body, or fungus, strange parasite, bacteria or virus that pops up from eating out, or being exposed to various pollutants including chemtrails. After discovering what Candida Crush™ does I now have a reliable source of healing.

Since taking Candida Crush™ regularly my scans are CLEAR! After a year and a half of maintaining my own health this was amazing! My nutritionist was shocked. She said she has never had anyone come in for a checkup and be completely balanced. I owe Candida Crush™ for keeping me healthy and saving me a LOT of money on checkups, extra supplements and herbal remedies! Thank you miracle product…I mean Solaris Plant Science Products!

Candida Crush™ (Ultimate Detox & Systemic Protocol Formula)
Solaris Plant Science products recognize the good cells in and on our bodies and begin working to regenerate and rejuvenate them while breaking down and destroying the debris of every bad cell they come into contact with. Solaris Plant Science products can detoxify, rebuild, and restore cells back to their original condition while preventing future diseases. It can be used safely externally and internally. This small dropper bottle is the first phase to better health in more ways than you can imagine.

Taken internally, an average of 3 drops in a few ounces of purified water or juice, 3 times each day (or as directed by your health care professional) will provide amazing results.

Candida Crush™ has antibiotic, antioxidant, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, assists the body in killing and removing pathogens* It is a gentle detox action, helping to maintain and restore healthy cells throughout the body!

After your initial cleanse of 8 drops twice a day for 30 days or longer depending on your health condition, I find that a good maintenance is 2 drops twice daily. With this maintenance amount, I have been able to keep the pathogens away and maintain my health.

I now only take more when I think I am fighting a virus and then I take 4 drops 3x a day for about 4 days.

• Candida Crush™ is an extensive protocol formula discovery in biochemistry that promotes and encourages the restoration and repair of unhealthy or damaged cells.
• Candida Crush™ uses a proprietary solution to blend certain plant oils and esters that could not be blended until now.

• Candida Crush™ is a non-toxic, 100% plant-based liquid, no additives or preservatives…ever.
• Candida Crush™ kills and instantly stops reproduction of bacteria, fungus and virus.
• ™ promotes healing and preserves tissue.
• Candida Crush™ does one thing very well….and that one thing has many significant applications.
• Candida Crush™ does one thing very well is a blend of botanical extracts that supplies the body with the phytonutrients it requires to maintain a healthy inflammation response, catalyzing cellular recovery throughout the body.
• Candida Crush™ is the only active ingredient that selectively attacks non-salt-based proteins – without harming salt-based proteins.
• This unique mechanism enables Candida Crush™ to function as a powerful disinfectant and a healing agent – at the same time.

Testing confirms that Candida Crush™ is a LETHAL pathogen killer – that leaves no background debris.

Internal Applications:
Promotes and encourages the restoration and repair of unhealthy or damaged cells.**

Topical Applications:
Arthritis, Inflammation, Lipoma removal, Psoriasis, Eczema treatment, Athlete’s foot, Yeast infection, Genital herpes, Lice & Scabies, Acne treatment, Wound sterilizer, Promotes wound healing…much, much more.**
Every day, countless people rely on Candida Crush™ for cellular protection and whole-body support.
Formulated to benefit a wide variety of systems, such as detoxification, hormones, digestion, and immunity, several laboratory studies have confirmed its power to augment cellular defenses while remaining entirely non-toxic and gentle on the body.
Candida Crush™ is free of artificial ingredients, pesticides, fillers, and preservatives of any kind. It’s made of 100% clinical potency herbal antioxidants, and remains a favorite among natural healthcare practitioners because it gets results.

Despite its unrivaled ability to help the body eliminate pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and fungi, it’s so balanced that just about anyone can take it for daily support. Three drops, three times a day is all you need to start restoring your cellular vitality!


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