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Chemtrail Detox Bath Proprietary Formula – For Removal of Nanotech Biofilm & Heavy Metals


– For Removal of Nanotech Biofilm & Heavy Metals— Includes 6 Mineral Substances, Raw & Organic (1kg bag or 2.2 lb. bag) 5 one-cup Servings
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This mineral blend is highly absorbable by the skin and highly bioavailable through the skin surface. Idesigned this Nanotech-Pathogen Detox aka Chemtrail Detox Bath Formulaspecifically to remove any and all geoengineering residue and biofilm pollutants, pathogens, heavy metal poisons reason why they are spraying us with these substances is to cause electronic harassment with targeted individualsas well as the general populace and cause candida fungal infections throughout the body. Who is doing this?The governments of the world through the military such as the USAF and foreign agencies.They are the culprits in spraying all life-forms on the surface of the Earth with biological and chemical warfare agents.

If you want to STOP the EMFs from causing us humans to be receptor antennas to the NWO AI-grid programming and 4G – 5G rollout, this is the reason you are feeling shocks, vibrations, pains, pricks, twitches, strange sounds, taste of metal in your mouth, etc. (You’re not crazy or psychotic feeling something crawling under your skin, in fact there is foreign nanotech crawling under your skin).

These nanotech, heavy metal particles along with a laundry list of pathogens such as yeast-fungal pathogens are ingestedthrough breathing and through the skin and absorbed through the surface of this earth.These criminals have polluted the ground and groundwater as well.It is pervasive throughout the world and imperative that we detox these particulates from our bodies.

When absorbed, this nasty mix of nanotech and heavy metal nanoparticles turns our bodies into “receptor batteries”.They turn the human body into a receiver antenna for the EMF transmissions surrounding us in a toxic soup of electrosmog. You may ask how — very simply, by using your cellphones, that triangulate with the cell towers and then attack you invisibly with their military-level HAARP & GWEN grids. These  attacks were designed to affect targeted human individuals as well as the general population.



The 6 different mineral blendof this chemtrail detox lends your body a hand by removing the nanotech biofilm from the skin and hair. With this product you are removing the outer layer of themetallic receiver antenna from your body. This will remedy the skin and hair where the nanotech particulates embed (topically).

We suggest taking this mineral bath blend as follows:

This is something I would do every day or every other day since they are spraying us nearly every single day now.Use 1 cup of our Nanotech-Chemtrail Detox Bath Proprietary Formula,in a hot bath(as hot as you can handle the water temp) for at least 30 minutes.

You MUST stay in for at LEAST 30-40 minutes. Keep the water as hot as you can stand it. If you can afford to use more Epsom Salts(preferably an extra 2 cups) then feel free to add it to the mix. While in the tub, rub your shins, legs, sides and all other parts of your body with your hands or a gentle washrag, bodywash sponge, or a loofah sponge.


 We are usually able to use the same 1 cup of minerals in 3 consecutive bathsuntil the minerals have maximally chelated nanoparticles; we add maybe a ½ cup of our bath blend to each consecutive bath, and we prevent the minerals from draining out of our bath when using a fine mesh bath plug. See image to left side of page. Rinse used detox-kit mix down after the third bath.)


If you consistently take these Nanotech-Chemtrail Detox Formula baths,usually (between 4 to 7 days after taking these baths) you will start to peel the biofilm from your skin surface (SEE IMAGES left side of page) you may also find these particles in your bathtub, (if so, this is time to get rid of the minerals in your bathtub they have done the right job. Please start a new detox batch at this time). On your skin it will resemble a sunburn. This is the first sign that this practically invisible fungus/glue/bio-film has been on your skin for years,and is starting to break up and fall of your skin.

Don’t stop the chemtrail detox baths until your biofilm is fully removed! Keep taking the baths and washing this biofilm off till it is completely removed off the surface of your skin and scalp, or it will defeat the purpose of doing all the baths and the nanoparticles will remain.

Use something so that the tub drains slowly. Collect what is in the tub (gross, right?). You want to analyze it with a magnifier or jeweler’s loupe. You will see what is trapped against your real skin by the layers of this stuff.


Now you are on your way to ridding yourself of your electromagnetic symptoms from the nanotech biofilm and from the geoengineering-aerosol spraying on humans. This includes Morgellon’s Disease, a growing plague that presents with chicken pox-like red bumps and skin rash. Our chemtrail detox bath kit will help you get rid of this as well, especially when used in conjunction with our Super Immune Activator/GcMAF raw milk kefir spread topically on the affected skin areas a minimum of 4 times 

per day as well.




You may have known for yearsthere was something on or in your skin, but no one else (no doctor) could see it or understand it. After you get rid of all the spots andthis biofilm substanceon your body, however, you will likely never get another twitch, thumping, pulsing, zap or vibration in that area again. Same goes for the rest of our bodies.


Nanotech-Chemtrail Detox Bath FormulaIngredients:  

  • Sodium Borate – aka Borax,
  • Sodom Bicarbonate aka Baking Soda,
  • Epsom Salts aka (Magnesium Sulfate),
  • Bath Salts Water Crystals – Medium size. This high mineral sea salt will increases the quality of any bath. Natural sea water and an advanced filtration system makes these salts uniform.
  • Bentonite Clay – Food grade, and
  • Diatomaceous Earth – Food grade.



Also, please let us know your experience with our Nanotech-Chemtrail Detox Bath Formula!

We would love to hear about your results and experience in removing this horrid biofilm sludge they are spraying us with!

We want to give credit where credit is due: LookoutfaCharlieassisted Sonia in formulating the Nanotech-Chemtrail Detox Bath Proprietary Formula. Please visit his webpage and donate to his cause it’s a worthy cause!

As always, we are dedicated to bringing new remedies to optimize your Health and Wellness like our new chemtrail and nanoparticle detox bath kit. After all, the best revenge is livingwell!


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