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Helps relive the following symptoms:

  • Assists in rebuilding adrenal function,
  • Strengthens the Kidneys and Adrenals,
  • Supports Liver and Kidney Detoxification,
  • Help with Low Back or Knee Pain since these are associated Chinese meridian points related to Kidney Deficiency,
  • Helps Enhance Fertility,
  • Assists with impotency and sterility,
  • Helps Modulate Estrogen,
  • Able to Halt Harmful Chronic Inflammation, by reducing chronic inflammation in the neurons and tissues of the brain just as well as everywhere else in the body,
  • Help Combat Viruses,
  • Has Anti-Viral Potential,
  • Could Possibly Shut Down and Treat The Influenza Virus,
  • Strong Liver Protection Potential,
  • Helps Protect The Liver Against Certain Cancers,
  • Antioxidant Compounds Helps Reduce Oxidative Stress Caused by Very High Blood Sugars Commonly Associated With Type 2 Diabetes or its Development,
  • Helps Protect Against Kidney Damage in People Who Have Already Developed Type 2 Diabetes,
  • Helps aspects of fructose-induced metabolic disorders,
  • Improves blood pressure and lowering insulin resistance as well,
  • Improves heart tissue function continually and stay relatively the same healthy fiction conditions,
  • One of the most often-used herbs to successfully help lower elevated blood pressure,
  • Ability to lower cholesterol, and helped process and break down LDL (bad cholesterol) quicker and more efficiently than any other herbal compound,
  • It Assists in Stopping Hardening of the Arteries,
  • Shields against blood clotting disorders,
  • Specific compound extracted from the herb was found to help with human blood platelet development, in particular it reduced platelets from building up too much, and in any health-threatening sort of way,
  • Supports cognition, memory, and focus, and even assists in reducing neurological brain disorders,
  • Reducing neuro-inflammation, in turn, improving brain function such as focus, learning, memory, and cognition also helps preserve brain function in old age,
  • Good for the heart, good for the brain, and even good against stroke,
  • Protects against degeneration of neurons and brain such as Parkinson’s disease,
  • Support better sleep even in those with sleep disorders such as insomnia, results showed that the herb regulated sleep length and stopped insomnia from happening in advance,
  • May be that it helped enhance hair growth.

Greatest asset of this herbal compound, research shows this plant may protect against the deadliest chronic disease of all time: cancer, this includes colon cancer, breast cancer,gallbladder cancer, and many more forms of Cancer, effectively reduces cancer risk as well as kills cancer cells cause aptosis of cancer cells in the body.

The Miraculous Health Benefits ofHe-Shou-Wu-Extract Powder also know as Fo-Ti-Polygonum-Multiflora. The benefits of HeShou Wu, which is also known as fo-ti, are legendary in the Chinese medicine pharmacopeia.

This herbal compound is one of the all-time most revered herbs in large part due to its incredible spectrum of health (and spirit) boosting properties like jiaogulan, ginseng, eleuthero, reishi, chaga, and many more.

He Shou Wu  or the Fo-Ti plant was discovered around 812 AD, when a frail, weak, sterile old man who had fallen asleep in the forest after a night of heavy drinking awoke next to an exceptionally long He Shou Wu vine.


Chinese herbal remedies promote optimum health in numerous ways.

Something about the plant struck him as unusual and so he proceeded to dig up its roots (a common practice in China at the time) to take home for further investigation. Upon inquiring in his village about the nature and properties of the plant to no avail, a local hermit suggested he ingest it to discover the effects for himself.

He prepared the He Shou Wu roots according to Daoist herbal principles and began consuming it regularly. Within a week, he became quite virile and managed to father a child a few months later after decades of impotency and sterility, which was a miracle in itself. He continued to take Fo-Tievery day and his strength and vitality returned despite his old age. Eventually, his hair color returned, almost magically shifting from gray to a rich, lustrous black. Over the years that followed, he went on to father at least five more children and lived well into his hundreds, with some sources recording his final age as 160 years old. The man’s name was He Tianer, for which the herb was named He Shou Wu, meaning “His Black Hair,” alluding to its incredible origin story.

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