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Jin Qian Cao extract powder 100g


Lysimachia christinae herb

Plum Flower®100 g/bt

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Dissolve gallstones and kidney stones with Jin Qian Cao! You can quickly and effectively dissolve kidney stones and gallstones with this product, as well as remedy liver issues.

Product Notes Properties: sweet, bland, neutral, UB, GB, Kidney, Liver.

Product Description

Description: Promote urination, heal painful urinary issues. Clears damp-heat in the liver and gallbladder. Clears the bladder, gallbladder, kidneys, and liver Channels. Properties: Sweet, Salty, Slightly Cold. Directions: 0.5g-1g per dosage, twice daily, or as directed by physician. Precautions: Pregnant and nursing women should consult physician before use. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Affix cap tightly after opening. Attention: overdose may result in vomiting, dosage is depending the weight. % Daily value not established. Made from select, superior quality raw herbs from regions renowned for the best and purest source materials, these herbs are processed in a state-of-the-art herbal products.

According to an article on Natural News

Gallstones and kidney stones are no problem for Jin Qian Cao also known as Gold Coin Grass:

The Chinese name Jin Qian Cao applies to two different herbs capable of dissolving gallstones and kidney stones (One is actually called Guang Jin Qian Cao). However, both are known as Coin Grass. The most popular of these herbs is the Jin Qian Cao herb (Lysimachia christinae). However Guang Jin Qian cao herb (Desmodium styracifolium) is also very effective. Either one works so well it is hard to say which is best. Many formulas use equal parts of both and this seems to be the most efficient.

A 2,000 year old story, widely accepted as history in China states: “A loving couple lived in a small village in China. The husband developed a pain below his ribs. After a few days he died. The wife was so upset she begged to have an autopsy done on her husband. A stone was found in her husband`s gallbladder. In determination to find out why this stone killed him, she hung the stone on a string around her neck. One day after walking back from gathering flowers to put on her husbands grave she noticed the stone was less than half the size and was crumbling. Apparently she had carried the flowers, with Coin Grass as a part of the arrangement, back with her while the Coin Grass was resting against the stone around her neck. The herbalist in the village learned of this and proclaimed, “We have discovered a cure for stones in the gallbladder”.”

The herb was called Jin Qian Cao or “Golden Coin Grass”. Herbalists later found that Coin Grass aka Jin Qian Cao will dissolve kidney stones just as proficiently. More recently, herbalists have found that adding Gravel Root (Eupatorium purpureum ) to Jin Qian Cao can work a bit better on kidney stones than Jin Qian Cao can by itself.

In TCM, dissolving kidney stones or gallstones is accomplished by clearing damp heat. The best way to use this method is to take Jin Qian Cao as a strong tincture and combine it with the classic TCM patent herbal formula in pill form known as Long Dan Xie Gan Wan. This will assure you get enough Jin Qian Cao in the protocol. Patent herbal pills for Gallstones will often not contain enough of the Jin Qian Cao herb.

The “Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine” reported Jin Qian Cao had dramatic effects in the treatment of gallstone through case reports of a study involving 52 patients with cholecystitis. Jin Qian Cao herb alone was given and over 76% of patients showed complete recovery.

Gallstones are formations of crystals, composed of either cholesterol or calcium salts, in the gallbladder or the bile duct. In the United States, up to 20% of people over 65 have gallstones. Patients with gallstones in the gallbladder usually remain asymptomatic, while patients with gallstones blocking the bile duct may experience severe or life-threatening infection of the bile duct, the pancreas, or the liver. Risk factors of gallstones include female gender, old age, obesity and a Western diet.

Jin Qian Cao is now available in better herb stores. Remember to combine it with the Chinese herbal patent, Long Dan Xie Gan Wan. Also remember to add Gravel Root with Jin Qian Cao or buy the combo if you are trying to dissolve kidney stones.


Chinese Herbal Cures by Henry C Lu
Dr. Wen Zi – U of A Medical Center…

Jin Qian Cao, extract powder or Gold Coin Grass CAN BE USED AS AN ALTERNATIVE GALLBLADDER CLEANSER:

Gold Coin Grass a Chinese herb that will detox the liver and the gallbladder and Flush Out Gallstones the Natural Way – AN ALTERNATIVE TO GALLBLADDER SURGERY

An alternative to surgery and gallstone removal by chemical dissolution is the natural gallbladder flush.

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends the use of Gold Coin Grass (GCG) (botanical name: Herba Lysimachiae, Chinese sound translation: Chin-chien Tsao) to crush and soften the stones so that they will come out slowly. This tends to take a relatively long time. However, centuries of experience has shown that Gold Coin Grass can be taken safely without side effects.

Insomnia or constipation can often be a sign of liver and gallbladder congestion

in most cases, alleviation of gallbladder pain is experienced within a few days of using Gold Coin Grass in powder form. This is a significant benefit. I have found from my own experience a combination of the following steps has proven to be the most effective and efficient in the dissolving of Gall Stones and Kidney Stones.


Step 1: Use Gold Coin Grass to crush and soften the gallstones. Gold Coin Grass I take (one Tbsp. taken every day; therefore, each bottle should take 2 to 3 weeks to finish). I find Two bottles of Gold Coin Grass may be necessary for individuals over the age of 50 and weight of 200 lbs., or for individuals who have had gallbladder problems for a long time. For some people who are ex-heavy alcohol drinkers, a burning sensation may sometimes be experienced when using Gold Coin Grass but this does not seem to effect the efficacy of the herb.

Also The herbal formulas Coptis a Chinese herb is also available on this website in powder form ½ lbs bags from Plum Flower® brand.

. (which stimulates bile flow) and Curcuma= Turmeric powder as long as it organic you can get it at any health food store (Turmeric which increases energy flow in the liver and gallbladder) are recommended to be taken in conjunction with GCG to increase the efficiency of flushing.

Alternatively, if gallbladder-related pain is not a concern, Chinese Bitters may be taken prior to GCG in order to decongest the liver. Note: Chinese Bitters are used to cleanse and decongest the liver. They stimulate digestive juice production, so it is not recommended for anyone with acid reflux problems. However, GCG and Coptis are helpful for acid reflux, so acid reflux sufferers can take them until the problem subsides, and then take Chinese Bitters again

Dissolve gallstones and kidney stones with Jin Qian Cao! You can quickly and effectively dissolve kidney stones and gallstones with this product, as well as remedy liver issues when using our super low-priced product!

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