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Kefir Fermenter Cages(Canning Jars NOT INCLUDED): BPA FREE – Small Size Cage


(ID: Mic.KFLC103-1) Created 5/1/2018 (1 OF EACH) Large Size kefir grains container cage–

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Container cage is a “house” for soft and delicate Bovine Kefir Grains. It makes manipulations with Kefir Grains very simple and may substitute strainer and manipulations for separating of grains and kefir. It can be used with 1-quart glass/jar (if less than 1 oz of kefir grains it may take longer to ferment 1 quart of Raw Organic Free-range Milk.

Container is BPA free and FDA approved for food and pharmaceutical use.

Dramatically simplify homemade raw organic free-range milk kefir fermentation process.

When you are ready to ferment your Raw Milk to make your GcMAF Kefir Milk product:

Insert theBovine Kefir Grains in the BPA FREE Cage Container,

Then place cage with kefir grains at the bottom of your 1-quart canning jar,

Pour Raw milk in quart size jar leave space of 1 inch at the top of the jar for best fermentation results with your Raw milk to make your SIA GcMAF kefir milk.

Fermented milk will be readywithin 20-48 hours depending on the are used for fermentation or using additional fermenting tools on this page to ferment your Raw Kefir milk faster.

NO need of strainer, spatulas or bamboo wooden spoons. Simple. Easy to use and re-use.

When you want to grow your bovine kefir grains once they fill up the entire large cage, take out half of the kefir grains and place them in a new large cage for them to grow, place both cages with kefir grains in a pint size canning jar add raw milk and place in warm area below 87 degrees Fahrenheit when not in use, this will grow more of your kefir grain live culture.

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