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Living Technologies LED Grow Light Fixture Raw Milk Kefir Fermentation Light 24W


(ID: LT-FSLGL-105) Created 5/1/2018 (1 OF EACH) Large Size kefir grains container cage–

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  • FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHT–Red 630nm and 660nm, Blue:460nm and White light 2700K. – Suitable for all stages of fermentation growth.
  • Especially for Raw Milk Kefir fermentation in a dark closed semi-sealed environment such as a microwave oven or a regular oven make sure that it’s disconnected or not in use.
  • Bigger power, actual watts is 20W.
  • The grow light is very bright and will heat up your microwave or regular oven up to 89 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is designed for bovine kefir grain growth or for fermenting your organic raw milk kefir milk products.
  • Not for decoration.
  • Please do not stare at the kefir grain grow light for a short or long time
  • LOW HEAT OUTPUT–Don’t worry even close the lamp to your fermenting jars containing the raw milk or kefir grains and will not damage or burn them.
  • WATERPROOF–NO more trouble for watering the flowers even turn on the kefir grain light fermenter aid.
  • ANGLE ADJUSTABLE–firmly and rotatable bracket for easy adjusting the project angle
  • EASY INSTALLATION: –US plug with switch and long cable for your easy and quick installation.
  • Attached a screwdriver for easy projection angle adjustment.


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Numbers of Fermentation Cages

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