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Omica Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes with Lemon Peel (6.8 lb.)


Magnesium Bath Flakes 6.8 Lbs.

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Ingredients:Kosher Magnesium Chloride (with naturally-occurring trace minerals) sourced from Ancient Inland Wellsprings, Organic Orange Peel, and Organic Lemon Peel

Directions: Foot BathDissolve 1 cup in 1 gallon of warm water. Soak 20-30 minutes. Body baths Bath Dissolve 2 cups in a bathtub with hot water magnetic clay and Himalayan sea salt.

Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Description: Omica Minerals magnesium flakes are dry flakes of magnesium chloride hexahydrate and other trace minerals, in a convenient and economical form for utilization in baths and foot soaks. Omica Minerals magnesium flakes are approximately 47% magnesium chloride by weight. Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes are extracted from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe, 1600 to 2000 meters deep in the interior of the Earth. Well protected for the last 250 million years, they are the purest magnesium flakes in the world and a mark of purity on every bottle of Omica Minerals.

Promote healthy, revitalized skin with a relaxing, therapeutic bath.

  • No Flavorings, Colorings, or Artificial Ingredients
  • No Fillers, Binders, Excipients
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-Irradiated
  • Product of the USA
  • Vegetarian/Vegan

With Certified Organic Orange and Lemon Peel

Omica does not, nor has ever, tested on animals.

Is Magnesium Chloride the same as Epsom Salts?

No, Epsom Salts is Magnesium Sulfate. The effects of Epsom Salt baths don’t last as long and you need to use more than you would magnesium chloride to get similar results.

Why Did The Magnesium Turn “Mushy” When I Left It Out?

Magnesium is naturally hydroscopic (it draws moisture from the air). Please keep the container closed to prevent this from happening. If you do happen to leave your dry magnesium out and it becomes “mushy” or even completely liquefies, feel free to use it in your foot bath as usual. The magnesium remains safe and the additional water does not diminish the magnesium in any way.

Has this product been irradiated?

No, none of the products sold by Omica Organics have been irradiated.

How many cups are in a package?

6.8 lb. contains 17 cups

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