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Pure Turkey Tail™Mushrooms Bulk Powder 16 oz


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Pure Turkey Tail™ – Mfg. by Aloha Medicinals
Pure Turkey Tail™ Mushrooms known to support the bodies immune system, causes cell apoptosis, herbal practitioners continue to celebrate its pro-immune and anti-cancer effects.
One bag of Pure Turkey Tail™ contains 16.0 oz/ 1 lbs. of pure Lions Main powder.
• 453 servings per bag.
• Dosage – 1 – one-gram servings three times per day or 1 heaping tsp per day.
The production of PSK and PSP. Pure Turkey Tail™, as one of Nature’s best medicinal mushrooms, contains approximately 25% of PSK and PSP.
PSK is a protein polysaccharide consisting of a beta-glucan β-1,4 main chain with β-1,3 and β-1,6 side chains. The approximate molecular weight of PSK is 100,000 Da, and the protein component is reported at the β-1,6 side chain. PSK is isolated from the “CM-101” strain of Trametes versicolor. The analogous compound PSP is derived from the “COV-1” strain of Trametes versicolor, making it an excellent cancer fighting supplement ingredient.
Boosting immunity: The natural anti-viral and anti-fungal qualities of this mushroom support the body in fighting off viruses infections. This includes a range of health problems, from the common cold and pneumonia to E. coli, Herpes, and HIV.
Fighting cancer: In addition, many more medical practitioners recognize and endorse the anti-cancer benefits of Turkey Tail mushroom. A 2012 study found that a daily dose improved immune function in women with breast cancer.2 Since 1977, Turkey Tail has been approved for use as an anti-cancer adjutant in Japan.3
453 Servings per container / 453 servings of Coriolus versicolor (“multicolored mushroom”), also known as Trametes versicolor, is a mushroom readily found in woodlands in China and Europe and is the most commonly found polypore in the oak woods of the Pacific Coast in the U.S. It grows in clusters or tiers on fallen hardwood trees and branches, frequently in large colonies. As its name implies, it is often multi-colored, with contrasting concentric bands, variously appearing in shades of white, gray, brown, black, blue or even red. It has a thin, velvety fruiting body, usually 2- 7 cm wide, fans out into wavy rosettes, giving rise to its popular name, Turkey Tails.
It is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure.

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