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Raw Liyf Protein Powder 900 Grams


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Raw Liyf Protein 900g is a highly bio-available enzyme enhanced, plant based, raw vegan, living protein that was formulated & balanced with a powerful ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, & calories! Raw Liyf Protein will help boost your metabolic rate, promote fat loss & lean body mass, sustain muscle during weight loss, increase muscle fitness & improve your immunity & antioxidant function!



Please Note: As of 10-2-18, the pricing has changed for Super Berry Raw Liyf Protein to $73.95 per bag. This is due to PuraDyme corporate having had to raise their own prices on this item. Also, the Natural flavor will be unavailable until the first week of November. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Natural or Super Berry

Natural, Super Berry


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