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Sun Eleuthero Extract


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Description: Sun Eleuthero Extract® is a potent mix that will revitalize your body. It combines eleuthero extract with bee propolis and chlorella to give you nourishing energy. Just a hint of plum extract with honey tops it off with delicious flavor.
Sun Eleuthero Extract ® offers these enticing health benefits:

  • Supports a healthy heart, brain and immune system
  • Helps your body adapt to stress and manage it efficiently for less wear and tear
  • Fights muscle fatigue and builds endurance
  • May help to sustain focus, concentration and keep memory sharp
  • One ounce a day is all you need to enjoy its benefits
  • Comes with an easy-to-use measuring cap to make it simple to get the right amount

Bee Propolis Is Stress-Busting, Energizing Nutrition
Bee propolis is a sticky, waxy substance bees produce from the resin they collect from selected trees. The bees mix the tree resin with enzymes to create a complex, rich store of vitamins, minerals and other specialized compounds, such as the flavonoids rutin, quercetin, narengenin and capetchin; the special phenolic acids like caffeic acid and cinnaminic acid; and the famous stilbene found in grapes, resveratrol.
Today, it used traditionally to help support immune health, brain health, heart health and liver health. [1] It keeps healing wounds clean and is used in toothpaste and mouthwash since it does such a good job keeping your mouth fresh.
It is also known for supporting endurance and energy. One of the ways propolis seems to help you access energy is by depressing nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is a chemical produced by your body when you’re stressed. And when your body produces this stress chemical, it seems to slow down or stop your body’s production and release of key energy molecules, ATP.
Essentially, when you’re stressed, your energy production plummets. And even some of your fuel stores disappear. Propolis seems to short-circuit this effect and keep your cell’s powerhouses, the mitochondria, producing the ATP you need for energy.
Eleuthero Works with Bee Propolis to Give You Bountiful Energy
Like bee propolis, eleuthero helps you tap into your energy stores more effectively. It also seems to inhibit your body’s production of nitric oxide under stress, thus allowing you to keep more of your ATP energy units.
However, it does have some unique traits of its own. It seems to interact with your stress response system, minimizing stress’s toll on your body and helping your body deal with stress more efficiently. This gives you energy when you need it most.
Several studies suggest that eleuthero seems to help animals contend with sleep deprivation and fatigue. In these studies, it restored behavior and activity to near normal levels, despite sleep loss.[2]
At least a dozen studies have confirmed that eleuthero can impact fatigue in humans as well. For example, Chinese researchers demonstrated that by taking 800 milligrams of eleuthero daily, cyclists were able to increase their body’s maximum oxygen intake and endurance. [3]
Chlorella Rounds Out Sun Eleuthero Extract’s Powerful Benefits
Chlorella is the ultimate superfood to round out this healthy triad. This tiny alga gives your body complete nutrition.
Chlorella’s benefits are numerous. As perhaps the most concentrated food source of nucleic acid materials, it’s essential for DNA replication and cell regeneration
With bee propolis and eleuthero, you change how your body reacts to stress while helping your body access more energy. Both of these special ingredients give your body strengthening nutrition as well. With the addition of chlorella, your body gets complete nourishment.
This package includes 1 (33.8 oz) Sun Eleuthero Extract ® bottle. Check out Sun Chlorella testimonials to see what our customers are saying.
Adaptogens and Stress | How Organic Sun Eleuthero Can Help Manage Stress
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