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Sun Wakasa Gold Plus


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(500ml / 17fl.oz) Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® bottle -SWHP-101


Description: Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® gives you more concentrated Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) in each delicious, restorative sip. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is chlorella’s unique and powerful nutrient that renews your entire body. It helps your body regenerate at the cellular level to improve your health from the ground up.
Within each sip of Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® is a strong elixir that delivers numerous health benefits.

  • Concentrated CGF—132% more concentrated than chlorella tablets alone
  • A mixture of nucleic acids, amino acids, beta glucans, peptides, polysaccharides and other special nutrients
  • DL-malic acid makes it easy to digest and absorb
  • It leaves you feeling energized, refreshed, alert and strong and uses the newly patented capsicum extract for additional health benefits

A rich, slightly sweet flavor with a hint of lemon is easy to add to juice, tea, water and smoothies or to simply drink as-is. Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® comes in a specially designed dark glass bottle to reduce nutrient loss and preserve freshness. It has no artificial preservatives.
Please note: For best results, we recommend you take Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® along with Sun Chlorella tablets®. Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® provides concentrated CGF. But it does not contain all the nutrition found in the rest of the chlorella algae, like chlorophyll and special detoxifying fiber.
The Power of Concentrated Chlorella Growth Factor
Researchers point to CGF as the key factor in chlorella’s astounding ability to reproduce so quickly. The term “growth factor” is an overarching term that encompasses thousands of molecules found in different organisms. Essentially, growth factors stimulate cells to grow, reproduce and differentiate.
Chlorella’s growth factor is special. It’s not found in any other algae, and it stands out among growth factors found in all species. Scientists attribute the growth factor in chlorella to chlorella’s remarkable ability to quadruple its cells in less than 20 hours.
But best of all, CGF is something your body can use as well.
Your body is a self-repairing machine. It is constantly renewing itself — your skin cells are replaced every few weeks, your entire army of red blood cells is replaced every four months, your liver every year, and your entire skeleton over the course of 10 years.
In order for your body to do undergo these powerful changes, it needs two things:

  • Building materials and energy, which is gets through good nutrition
  • Clear instruction for how to repair and rebuild tissues and organs

Your DNA is responsible for giving your cells these important instructions, and if these instructions aren’t copied from cell to cell, your body has a harder time rebuilding itself.
This package includes 1 (17 oz) Sun Wakasa Gold Plus® bottle. Check out Sun Chlorella testimonials to see what our customers are saying.
Thanks Sam for the conversation today I’m glad I could talk to you about it and clear the air so we can move forward!

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