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Sun Wakasa Honey Plus


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(500ml / 17fl.oz) Sun Wakasa Honey Plus® bottle-SWHP-101

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Description: Sun Wakasa Honey Plus regenerates and revitalizes your body. This powerful liquid renews your body to leave you feeling energized, refreshed, alert and strong.

It combines honey with a concentrated serving of chlorella’s unique and powerful nutrient, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). This extract’s Chlorella Growth Factor is 115% more concentrated than in chlorella tablets alone!

Besides Sun Wakasa Honey Plus’ concentrated Chlorella Growth Factor, the extract d gives the body a complex mixture of nutrients, including amino acids and nucleic acids among others. The rich, slightly sweet flavor has a hint of lemony tartness, making the perfect thing to add to a mug of steaming hot tea. It comes in a specially designed dark glass bottle to reduce nutrient loss and preserve its freshness.

After careful harvesting, cleaning and checking the chlorella for purity, we extract the CGF for Sun Wakasa Honey Plus using centrifuges. Through this process, you get the concentrated CGF of Sun Wakasa Gold Plus. We preserve the CGF nutrition simply by mixing it with one of nature’s oldest preservatives, honey. No contaminants, no artificial preservatives — only pure CGF nutrition with a hint of plum essence and sweet honey.

Please note: For best results, we recommend you take energy supplement Sun Wakasa Honey Plus along with Sun Chlorella tablets. Sun Wakasa Honey Plus provides concentrated CGF. But it does not contain all the nutrition found in the rest of the chlorella algae, like chlorophyll.

The Benefits of Sun Wakasa Honey Plus’ Concentrated CGF

Growth factors encourage cells to grow, reproduce and differentiate. Chlorella’s Growth Factor is special; in fact, it’s not found in any other algae. Scientists attribute the growth factor in chlorella to the algae’s remarkable ability to quadruple its cells in less than 20 hours. It’s also why chlorella has been able to reproduce and thrive for more than 540 million years.

But Chlorella Growth Factor is something our bodies can use as well.

Our bodies are incredible self-repairing machines, but they need the right tools in order to do their jobs effectively.

  • They need building materials and energy, which they get through good nutrition
  • They need clear instructions for how to repair and rebuild tissues and organs

CGF gives our bodies the materials it needs to copy DNA properly.

This package includes 1 (17 oz) Sun Wakasa Honey Plus ® bottle. Check out Sun Chlorella testimonials to see what our customers are saying.

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