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Well Well Wow!


(ID: DPNVWXG4JQVE.60) 10 (3.38 oz) Well Well Wow!® bottles!


Description: Get ready to transform your day with healthy energy from Well Well Wow. This safe and healthy drink combines chlorella and eleuthero for the ultimate one-two punch. Unlike stimulants that come packed with caffeine and sugar, Well Well Wow! uses only healthy, nourishing ingredients. We added a light touch of agave sweetness to give you the wholesome boost you need to have the energy to get through your day. Well Well Wow! gives you a blend of nutrition in a delicious and convenient supplement drink you take with you anywhere.
Well Well Wow! supports a balanced and healthy immune system
The two main ingredients in Well Well Wow! are chlorella and the adaptogen eleuthero. This pairing is what makes the drink such a great immune system booster.
Both laboratory studies and clinical trials have demonstrated chlorella alga may help support immune system health. In one 2012 Nutrition Journal study, chlorella was shown to increase Natural Killer (NK) cell activity as well as support immune system communication molecules like interferon and interleukins. [1]
Like chlorella, eleuthero also has a good track record when it comes to immune health. It’s been shown to help your body keep immune cell numbers up, facilitate immune system communication and keep your immune system strong and balanced overall. [2]
Rebuild your body quickly at the cellular level
A unique property in chlorella is the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). CGF can help speed cellular renewal safely and efficiently. With a higher concentration of nucleic acids than any other food[3], CGF gives your cells the key nutrients for healthy regeneration.
Reduce the effects of stress and support mental performance with Well Well Wow!
The adaptogen eleuthero in Well Well Wow! is one of nature’s best answers to stress. It seems to help your body deal with stress more efficiently and helps to minimize stress’ impact on the body.
A couple of preliminary studies indicate eleuthero may stimulate your body’s production of special “chaperone” molecules that protect your body from stress at the cellular level.
This may be the reason eleuthero has the power to support mental performance. Clinical studies suggest that eleuthero supports mental performance, particularly when under duress.
Recharge and renew your body the sustainable, healthy way. Give Well Well Wow! a try and discover the difference this wellness boost can make in your day.
[1] Kwak JH et al. Beneficial immunostimulatory effect of short-term Chlorella supplementation: enhancement of Natural Killer cell activity and early inflammatory response (Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial). Nutr J. 2012 Jul 31; 11:53
[2] No author. Monograph. Eleutherococcus senticosus. Altern Med Rev. 2006 Jun;11(2):151-5.
[3] Drucker, M. Chlorella: The Key To Health, Vitality and Longevity, p. 34

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