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Take Charge of Your Own Cancer Treatment with Probiotics

Take Charge of Your Own Cancer Treatment with Probiotics

Living Technologies Can Help You Determine the Alternative Cancer Treatment That’s Right for You

Have your illusions about the medical industry being there to help us completely dissolved? Feeling a bit hollow and unsure where to turn for alternative cures for cancer and other major illnesses? Not to worry — you can let Mother Nature be your physician, as She was meant to be, and take charge of your own cancer treatment with probiotic supplements, among many other of Mother Earth’s alternative healing methods.

To quote from the website Cancer Compass and their article, “Your Guide to Cancer Care“:

“You may feel that your cancer treatment is completely in the hands of your health care professionals. That’s not the case. There’s a lot you can do to empower yourself in the fight against cancer and put yourself in the best position to benefit from treatment — whether this is your first battle with cancer or you’re facing a recurrence.”

The Super Immune Activator kit is a probiotic supplement and an alternative cancer treatment that works

We agree with this assessment of the present-day cancer sufferer’s experience, and would go much further, and tell any of you who have discovered our site that it’s easier than ever to take your cancer treatment into your own hands. With our Super Immune Activator™ kit, you can do preventative maintenance (prior to getting any cancers), use it as an alternative cancer cure if you have either gone through chemotherapy and/or radiation, or you have opted-out of it. Some of our clients have gone through the chemo-radiation experience months or years earlier, and buy our Super Immune Activator™ raw milk kefir probiotic supplement as a way to ensure continued prevention of a relapse into a cancerous state.

Types of Cancer Treatments (That Actually Heal You)

The generally professed survival rate after doing chemotherapy and radiation has dropped to around 5-6%. And, why would you want to have something done to your body that virtually eliminates any chance that you could fend off cancer and other diseases? Chemotherapy was developed from mustard gas, after soldiers in WWII and who had been exposed to mustard gas were studied medically. Perhaps some doctor had discovered that one or more soldiers had had cancerous tissues eradicated or neutralized by the mustard gas, or something like that. It was likely all invented based on the madcap theories of some VA hospital doctors or adjunct clinical researchers.

Nevertheless, we all know (and if you aren’t aware, you need to be aware of) the extremely low chances of surviving AT ALL after having procedures that wipe out your immune and endocrine systems. Chemo and radiotherapy ravage the body, mind, and emotions. It is only by sheer miracle that anyone survived for more than a few years following this type of medical barbarity.

You need to find alternative cancer cures because chemotherapy is LETHAL!

Does Chemotherapy Cause Cancer?

We borrowed this from’s article, The Truth About Chemotherapy – Toxic Poison or Cancer Cure?“:

“…one of the effects of chemotherapy is that it actually CAUSES cancer! (Yes, the very thing it is supposed to “cure” it literally causes. Insane, right?)

You may have heard it said that folks who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Well, much like the hatters who went mad from the mercury, when it comes to chemo… pharmacists and other health care workers who dispense toxic drugs shouldn’t be surprised if one day it kills them.

Interestingly, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not regulate exposure to these toxins in the workplace − despite multiple studies documenting ongoing contamination and exposures. Studies reaching back to the 1970s have linked increased rates of certain cancers to nurses and physicians.

Every oncologist knows that chemotherapy drugs cause genetic damage. Due to inadvertent spills, chemotherapy drugs have been found on floors, counter tops, knobs, keyboards, printers, computers, and garbage cans. Most chemo is genotoxic, meaning that it interacts with genes (DNA) and causes mutations. [Let’s repeat that — chemotherapy causes genetic mutations!] And yes, genetic mutations are a known risk factor for developing cancer, while secondary cancers are a known side effect (actually a “direct effect”) of chemo.

Danish epidemiologists used cancer data from the 1940s through the 1980s to report a significantly increased risk of leukemia among oncology nurses and doctors. In 2009, another Danish study of over 92,000 nurses determined that they had an increased risk for brain cancer, breast cancer, and thyroid cancer.”

Chaga fungus -- one of the ways healing cancer naturally occurs!

Chaga fungus — one of the alternative cancer cures in nature!

The good news is that there are plenty of alternative cancer treatments — like herbal treatments with Chinese herbs or medicinal mushrooms — there are dietary cancer treatments, like having a strict, ketogenic diet, or even doing lots of power-fasting, superfood smoothies to replace most solid, cooked, or processed food, and there are probiotic supplements, such as our proprietary Super Immune Activator™ kit that’s specially-designed to boost the endocrine and immune systems, and to also restore the depleted intestines which have had their beneficial bacteria destroyed by antibiotics (and all pharmaceutical drugs), bad food, alcohol, and other factors.

Even if your type of cancer is on the list of most aggressive cancers, such as fast-acting blood, bone, or lung cancers; and, even if you’re in 3rd or 4th stage cancer states, it’s high time you experienced the miracle of probiotic supplements and other alternative cures for cancer — most of the main ones available for sale right here on Living Technologies.

GcMAF-enriched probiotic supplements like our SIA kit are a prime alternative cancer treatment.

The Treatment of Cancer is in Your Hands

And, Mother Nature wants to put it in your hands. That’s what we’re all about. Making the best of Mother Nature’s alternative cures for cancer available at amazing, low prices, and with the best customer relations, follow-up, and health coaching possible as well.

Here’s a great video on how you can heal cancer with probiotics.

And, here’s another video talking about The 7 Benefits of Kefir that can (and will) change your life for the better (reversing the cancer process being the main one).

Need an herbal treatment for cancer, to go along with the probiotic supplements?

No problem, we carry much in the way of herbal cancer cures, and can suggest others we don’t specifically carry.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through chat or by phone…we’re here to help guide you to the best cancer healing solutions, among other diseases.

natural cancer cures can be found virtually anywhere!

Natural cancer treatments are cheap and can be found anywhere — like in your garden.

Let Living Technologies Guide You in Your Search for Alternative Cures for Cancer

With Living Technologies guiding you with both our health coaching services and alternative cancer treatment products — you can wash your hands of the criminally incompetent medical industry and become responsible for your own cancer treatment. From herbal supplements to minerals to probiotic supplements, and even devices to shield you from cancer-causing EMFs (radio frequencies, or RF), we’ve got all the holistic healing bases covered to help you heal naturally from cancer!








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