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The Cure for Cancer is Simple, Easy, and Cheap

The Cure for Cancer is Simple, Easy, and Cheap

Mother Nature is the Cure for Cancer

Many millions of us are waking up to the fact that they’ve been sold a pack of lies from the medical industry regarding illnesses and how to heal them. The belief that mainstream medical science can “cure cancer” is as dead as the victims of the barbaric “treatments for cancer” that have been a modern plague (not the cancer itself). The cure for cancer, it turns out, is amazingly simple, easy, and cheap — and it only takes getting your body, mind, and spirit aligned back with your Mother — Mother Nature, that is — to get the natural cancer treatment you deserve.

We all know this — it’s innately part of our being, and written into our DNA. Yet, why do so many still forego alternative cancer cures that are out there in abundance, in favor of allopathic “health care management” which only manages to destroy your immune system and body’s ability to heal itself? Why can’t people lock into and utilize the whole food and superfood products that cure cancer naturally?

Especially when you consider the short- and long-term cost associated with choosing mainstream medical treatments for cancer which anyone with anything like eyes in their head and the ability to discern fact from fantasy can see is a modern day genocide, really. This is why we are coming into contact with so many who are jumping the sinking ship of the medical establishment, reaching out to people like us, saying “Help me! What is the cure for cancer? Is there a natural cancer treatment I can access, even on my budget?”

Our true state is to be in a place where the cure for cancer is our attitude, awareness, and diet.

Our true state is to be in a place where the cure for cancer is found in our attitude, awareness, and diet.

The Cure for Cancer is Surprisingly Easy and Inexpensive

If you or a loved one has ever gone through the process of getting cancer treatment from an oncology clinic, you know how devastating it is just getting the “treatments”. We all have either a family member or friend, or know someone who has undergone the hugely traumatic and costly process of cancer treatment. We know that it is a miracle if that person survives five years, even if they are pronounced “in remission”. In point of fact, there is only a 10% (or less) survival rate for those who have undergone the barbarism of chemotherapy and radiation after a decade. The dangers of chemotherapy drugs have been known to the public at large for years, so — why subject yourself to this medical barbarism is the question we health coaches are asking.

And why can’t people seem to grasp the fact that the simpler and cheaper the treatment, the more likely it is going to be a true cure for cancer? We’ve heard about maple sugar and cinnamon; we know about the miracle of sodium bicarbonate, aka baking soda; we know about the benefits of curcumin (the main ingredient in turmeric) as a cancer treatment alternative, and its fantastic ability to reverse the process of cancer in the body.

But, how many of you also know about things like raw milk kefir, probiotics, and monatomic elements like High ORMUS minerals? How about orgonite pendants and pyramids to shield you from deadly, genotoxic EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies)?

Quantum Probiotic Powder, one of the best supplements online or anywhere!

Our Quantum Probiotic Powder contains enough probiotic strains to qualify as a natural cancer cure.

These are just a few of the ways you can give yourself a “natural cancer treatment” simply by giving your body what it truly needs, instead of lab-produced, profit-motivated, pharmaceutical means of trying to “kill cancer” (and which mostly end up only killing off good cells, hormones, bacteria, etc. that are supposed to be there and ward-off disease naturally). And, the best part for many is how cheaply these items can be had. Our Super Immune Activator kit with 60 strains of probiotics and 40 beneficial yeast cultures can be had for only $163.79, not including shipping and handling or tax (CA residents only).

Compare this to the average cost of getting the chemo-radiation treatment protocols of between $50,000 and $100,000 and higher, and our cheap and easy holistic, healthy treatments for cancer become eminently doable. One U.S. News report has the cost of chemotherapy as high as $30,000 per month in some cases! We find the cost being charged the average person to be as abominable as what people are actually getting for their money — for most, it’s getting dead.

In fact, for those of you who want to survive in a world riddled with toxic pollutants and free radicals, even if you are a millionaire, the cheap and easy cure for cancer is the one you are going to have to go with anyway, because, let’s face facts — our medical establishment isn’t there to heal you. These people are not healers, and they do not even understand a fundamental principle that their oath-bringer and “father of the medical profession” Hippocrates spoke often about: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

A healthy cell looks like a fresh snowflake, thanks to natural cancer treatments and cures.

A healthy cell looks like a gorgeous snowflake, thanks to natural cancer treatments and cures.

Natural Treatments for Cancer Are Available to Any Seeking Them

Our testimonials tell the story of how simple, cheap, easy-to-use products — we now have over 100 optimum health-ensuring products available on our site — can prevent not only cancer, but diseases of all types and levels of severity. Our clients come from all walks of life and are astounded by how well and fast our relatively inexpensive natural cures work. With our health coaching services, you can also better pin-down what specific products or protocols you will need to fight off certain afflictions successfully. From skin care to immune system- and energy-boosting to natural pain relief to full body detoxification, water vitalization and much more — our natural cancer treatment products and others for everyday health maintenance can alleviate pain and dysfunction in the body for amazingly rock-bottom prices!

And that is really our prime motivation: sharing true, natural cancer treatments at costs even pensioners and people on low fixed incomes can afford. With our Super Immune Activator kit, for instance, for under $200 you get a 6-month supply of our Quantum Probiotic Blend, kefir grains (that will produce 32 oz. per week of probiotic raw kefir milk), a tincture of Vitamin D3/K2, and organic bovine colostrum powder. We have had people call us after only ONE WEEK of using our SIA kit (basically the first batch of the probiotic product) and tell us things like, “I have so much more energy now…I feel better, this is amazing.” And, we’ve had people tell us that their tumors had even shrunk by more than 50% after a couple months of using it.

For some of you skeptics, all this may be challenging your “normalcy bias” or belief system comfort zone, but…there it is all the same.

Natural cures for cancer are growing all around you -- and we sell many of them!

Natural cures for cancer like broccoli sprouts are growing all around you — and we sell many of them!

Shop Around for Natural Cancer Treatments And Discover the Truth for Yourself

More and more people are calling and emailing us because of our dedication to the principle that maintaining good health and wellness shouldn’t have to be costly. In fact, we’ve set our prices so low, many, if not most of them, are beating similar products on cost sold on Etsy and Amazon! We can also put together specific protocols for you through our Disease-Free Life Coaching sessions that will tailor-make you an affordable and health-specific diet supplementary plan you can follow indefinitely!

We’d like to add you to our list of happy customers and 5-star testimonials…but, mostly we want you to discover that there is true healing to be had, and that it’s available at bargain-basement prices. The truth is here for those to embrace it: The belief that mainstream medical science can “cure cancer” is dead and gone — a sad memory. The cure for cancer, it turns out, is incredibly simple, easy, and affordable — and it only takes getting your body, mind, and spirit aligned back with Mother Nature, who wants you to have all the whole-food natural cancer treatments in her garden, and which we merely develop, acquire, and expedite to you.





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