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Whole Food Supplements from Living Technologies

We sell the best health supplements, and you can buy supplements online for cheaper!

Whole Food Supplements — Buy the Best Health Supplements Online

We welcome you to Living Technologies, where you can connect with those who believe in letting “medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine” by offering high-quality whole food supplements, botanicals, homeopathic remedies, energetic tinctures, superfoods, and transformative essences at the best possible price and value on the market!

With top health professionals advising that we all must detox every day from the overabundance of free radicals and toxins in our environment, Living Technologies brings the Gifts of Mother Nature to your table — and we’re adding more variety to our cornucopia of food-as-medicine every day. We also feature non-food items designed for perpetual wellness and long life, such as incredible orgonite pendants and Amethyst Richway BioMats that balance your energy meridians, shield you from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and promote calm and clarity.

The Health Revolution is on, and Living Technologies is helping to meet the demand of those demanding better health and wellness, and who deserve food and wellness products that celebrate and enhance life instead of confuse and unbalance the body, mind, and spirit.

We welcome any feedback you may have regarding the whole food supplements — hopefully you will agree they are among the best health supplements available on the Web!

Your feedback will help determine the best way we can help you find the kinds of health products you’re seeking, and help you buy supplements online in the most expedited manner possible.

Who We Are 

Buy whole food supplements online from Living Technologies!

The Waters of Gaia

We are a dedicated partnership serving the public with the best of Mother Nature. We consist of two principals: Chris (Web Content Writer, Health Researcher, and Editor) and Sonia (Quantum Medical Intuitive GcMAF Heath Coach and Wellness Consultant).

Our headquarters are located in a sacred space in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

We will continue to bring you our customers the PREMIER SUPER FOOD and SUPPLEMENTS you need in order to live the most vibrant, abundant life possible!

The best health supplements you can buy online.

Why We Are

Our WHY is to bring forth to our customers the very best the “Living Technologies of Mother Nature” have to offer us in their purest form…

Our website was designed with the health-conscious consumer in mind, so you can easily gain access to the NATURAL, PURE product lines we carry here on our platform.

Our Standards for what whole food supplements we carry: Only supplements or superfoods that have NO FILLERS and NO BINDERS, just THE PURITY of each substance untainted.

Let our whole food supplements be thy food.

We support every human being’s optimum health and well-being, because THIS IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT!

Buy Supplements Online for Less Money & Fast Shipping

With Living Technologies acting as your “discount supplement warehouse,” you get the discount supplements online you need and the best supplements for overall health you can find. We believe you’ll agree that we beat the other health supplement stores online. We are health supplement wholesalers who often undercut even Amazon in the natural health supplements arena.

We ship out our organic whole food supplements the next day, and within the USA we can generally get you your product(s) within 3-4 days’ time. Internationally can take much longer, but we guarantee freshness through special packaging. We also give you the necessary instructions on product use, and are available on private chat or by phone Monday through Friday to help you with any questions or concerns.


Whole Food Supplements Direct to You

Our aim is to provide Mother Nature’s Solutions as she intended to bring forth to humanity. We firmly believe our beloved Earth naturally provides “Living Technologies” as solutions to many of the health issues we face today in our current environment.

It is imperative that we listen to the body and successfully interpret its many subtle signals instead of block them out with junk food, aka “comfort food”. Comfort food is all well and good every now and then, and can be enjoyed much better if you have a program that includes detox supplements and ways to counteract not only junk food but all the fillers, additives, and preservatives routinely used to make most of the foods you find on the supermarket shelves.

And, it goes much, much deeper than that.

We are being bombarded from cradle to grave by all kinds of poisons, such as deadly vaccines, chemtrails (more accurately “metasols” or heavy metal aerosol spraying), fluoride in the water that causes sterility and dementia, and GMO “foods” that we need to watch out for increasingly, as many food companies will slip in things like GMO wheat and corn or canola oil into otherwise “organic” food products.

Your body is a temple, and you are the priest or priestess of optimum health. Physician, heal thyself. The ancient Greeks (like Hippocrates) knew full well that Mother Nature was and is our main supplier of medicine for our entire being. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” said Hippocrates, whose oath is completely misunderstood or disregarded by today’s allopathic health practitioners.

Isn’t it interesting that the 3rd proclamation in the Hippocratic Oath is: “I will never administer poison to anyone-even when asked to do so.” Well, the Greek root word “pharmakos” (where we derive the word “pharmaceutical”) means “poisoner” or “to poison”. You are, quite simply, consenting to your own poisoning by taking ANY pharmaceutical drugs. Some Americans are on as many as 12 different pharmaceutical poisons.

We must end the madness, and re-devote ourselves to good health if we are to survive as individuals, a nation, a species, don’t you agree?

We thought so. Otherwise you wouldn’t have stayed and read as far as you have. Congratulations — you are a health and wellness devotee, and someone worthy of praise and admiration. We hail you, fellow good-health advocate, and encourage you to have a look around the rest of our website.

Buy supplements online like our trace minerals!

Get the Best Health Supplements Nature Intended

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding any of the health products featured in our various categories. We promise you the best health supplements and the availability to buy supplements online with the best quality and freshness guarantees available.

And, please also visit each page and category that calls to you and place your orders with confidence and assurance that all our whole food supplements and long-life products are of the highest quality possible!

We are Living Technologies ~ Sonia & Chris • Ashland, OR

We reserve the right to deny service to those who are not well-intended in their relationship with Living Technologies! 


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